8 New Year gift ideas for friends

New Year Gifts can be anything exotic that imbibes with it the essence of well being and the rejuvenation of love, peace, and good relations. Before you randomly pick a gift for your friend, which isn’t worth it. Ahead, Our editors have curated some best new year gifts that you can present to your best friend.

The only thing to remember is that presents don’t have to be glamorous or expensive; they should be beneficial things that do not end up at a corner for years without usage.


For those who struggle to get up in the morning, and they have this habit of hitting the snooze button. You can give them a clock that doesn’t sound awful like other clocks and can help the person get back to his morning senses. A perfect clock would run away so that the person doesn’t have to get up to stop the alarm. It is an excellent gift to that person.


For a bookworm, this is the most thoughtful gift. Just make sure you know where your friend’s taste lies, to get the right pick. It can be the harry potter series or gorgeous travel destinations, such books are inspiring and are meant to keep.

3)Women jewellery dish:

Is your best friend a jewellery freak? She might adore jewellery dishes as it gets hard for women sometimes to keep their jewellery in a place and it gets mixed when they are going out, and they can’t seem to find their daily wear jewellery. Then she can 0lace her daily wear in this jewellery dish. A trinket dish with a beautiful message written on it is a perfect gift to look at every day.

4)Desk plants:

Send your friend a little piece of refreshment. We mean a desk plant for his office. Plants boost up the atmosphere and improve overall air quality.

Don’t you think it would be an excellent gift for the new year to your friend? This small plant will definitely resolve the problem of less greenery in the area.

5)Floral gifts:

Flowers are known as the best gift items. Be they typical or cut one, make sure they are from a good company and are well organized. It’s time to shower love on your friend. And we think flowers are a good way to do so.

You don’t have to go with just a floral bouquet. Pair it with a nice watch or maybe musical instruments or a mug.

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6)Coffee maker:

Your friend loves to drink coffee; a coffee maker is all that they want. For instance, if they are running late, they can have it in their hands rather than running to the nearest coffee shop.

It will surely elicit a smile on your friends face.


A throw could go to your female friend and be loved immediately. This incredibly chic piece has a versatile look, and one can cosy up in it or drape it over a chair or couch. This perfect gift would add instant texture to the area.

8)Personalized photos:

Treat your friend with a framed photograph or digitally printed on canvas or collage mounted on a frame. Who would not want a visual reminder of their dearest ones?

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