8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

For a couple, an anniversary is the most special occasion. It is the day they relive something dear to their hearts. All of the memories from the day they became one come flowing back, and they find themselves trying to make each anniversary better and better.

Here are some gift ideas to make your 8th Anniversary better than the last!

Personalised Jewellery

Gift her a necklace or bracelet with your initials or, if you have children, their initials, and she will be delighted. Because these necklaces are simple but elegant, she would want to wear them every day. This is a great anniversary gift for her because it is one of a kind and she will enjoy it whenever she decides to wear it.

Couple Watches

Get yourself and your loved one, a pair of couple watches. This is a simple yet practical gift for both of you! You can even get this gift for a couple you know as it is hard to think of two separate gifts when you are shopping for others, so this is perfect!

Matching sets

Many couples often don themselves in matching attire to showcase their affection, a way for you to show your love would be to buy matching or corresponding pieces of clothing. Matching accessories are a must as well, matching shoes, jewellery, pendants or things that you can take along with them wherever you go like wallets.


If you’re a couple who doesn’t want to spend time at home, pay for a trip with your spouse and take a trip outside and explore your favourite areas in the city. If you would like to spend some alone time you can go on a long drive or go to a drive-in theatre, you would be secluded and would have an enjoyable time as well.

If you would however like to have a more affordable trip, you can go camping in the woods or hiking and rejoice with nature and your beautiful surroundings. Do check the weather before leaving as you wouldn’t want to end up drenched in the rain.


A good way to go all out and dedicate the day to your spouse is to wake up before sunrise and arrange a picnic so that you may enjoy your breakfast with the person you love. However, if the weather is not right or suitable for a picnic, have one on your living room floor. Having a fireplace would increase the ambience and would be suitable for an intimate picnic. Cook your partner’s favourite meal and share it in front of a movie, It will make for a homey hang out with a few memorable moments shared in a quiet night home.

All these gifts can be paired with a bouquet or cake which can be delivered to your doorstep through online delivery!

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