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No Pakistani festival or celebration is complete without a plateful of mithai. The highlight of almost all special occasions in Pakistan is marked by the distribution of mithai among friends and relatives.

Mithai is commonly passed out during religious festivities such as Eid, given out at birth, and engagements, and is a must-have at Pakistani weddings.

If you are looking for the best mithai for your event in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore then look no further. We have it all figured out for you, just stick around till the end of this blog and you will find what occasions mithai is best served at.


The birth of a baby is a very special moment for the parents and it deserves to rejoice with loved ones.

In Pakistan, the announcement of the birth of a baby is an integral part of our culture and is a moment that parents want to remember fondly. The best way to celebrate this news is to give out mithai after the birth of the child to family, friends and well-wishers, as it is an occasion of great happiness and joy.


All of us adore it when our loved ones acknowledge and go out of their way to do little gestures to celebrate our success.

Whether it may be someone special to you clearing a really important exam, or landing a dream job, or maybe just getting that job promotion they had been waiting on for a long time, you can congratulate them on their success by sending them a box consisting of different types of mithai.


The getting together of friends and family, giving Eidi to kids, and the distribution of sweets such as Mithai characterize the celebrations of religious festivals in Pakistan such as Eids.

Whether it may be Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha or Eid Milad-un-Nabi, distributing sweets such as mithai among loved ones is the highlight of these religious holidays every year for Muslims in Pakistan.


Whenever the word “desi wedding” crosses our minds, Mithai is the first word that comes to our head. Mithai is not only a custom for desi people, but also a bite of heaven, as most of us would say, and something that can give us ultimate pleasure and boost our happiness.

Weddings are an auspicious occasion in Pakistan and desi weddings are incomplete without good old Mithai because Mithai revolves around revelling and sharing your happiness with people close to you. Mithai such as gulab jamun and barfi are the most common for these occasions.


A Housewarming party is a ceremony done to ward off all the evil and negativity of a house before the people start living in the house.

One can get a thoughtful present for the interior of the house or a personalized gift paired with Mithai to pass on the good vibes and positivity to the people and to make the first steps into their new home something worth remembering.

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