Birthday Flowers and its Meanings

Flowers are the perfect substitute for words against pure feelings. They enhance the meanings of words and senses with their beautiful colors and fragrance. Apart from color and fragrance, the flower has a special meaning too. Every Birthday month has some exclusive and symbolic meanings.

Flowers for January:

January’s birth popular flowers are carnation and snowdrop. Carnations symbolize love, distinction, and admiration. Snowdrop express rebirth and hope. They’re both attractive and lovely blooms, which makes them charming both as a filler flower and as a colorful bouquet.

Flowers for February:

Violet and primrose are considered as February’s birth flowers. While red roses in February are very much popular due to Valentine’s Day. The violet is the best February birth flower. This purple bloom is a sign of modesty and virtue. While, primrose symbolizes new love, so they are an excellent gift for a significant love one.

Flowers for March:

Daffodils are March’s birth flower. It is a cheerful yellow flower that represents the first month of spring. Daffodils are the little blossoms of sunshine and symbolize unconditional love.

Flowers for April:

Daisy and the sweet pea are the popular flowers for the month of April. The daisy represents purity, true love and innocence and is perfect for expressing undying love. Sweet peas are famous for their sweet scent and are great to make your home aroma like spring and symbolize enchanting pleasure.

Flowers for May:

May’s birth flowers are lilies. Lily indicates sweetness, humbleness, and motherhood. It is perfect for presenting o your mother to wish her sweet birthday.

Flowers for June:

Rose and honeysuckle are June’s birth flowers. The roses are a symbol of pure devotion and love, and represent passionate love to friendship. While Honeysuckle flowers attract colorful butterflies, if you’re loved one loves colorful critters, present these to them.

Flowers for July:

The popular flowers for July are water lily. Larkspurs symbolize positivity and true love.

Flowers for August:

The famous birth flowers for August are the poppy flower and gladiolus. The gladiolus is known as the sword flowers because of its long, skinny shape. This bold bloom can be found in many vibrant colors like red, pink, yellow and white, and it is a symbol of strong character, sincerity, and remembrance. The poppy is famous for its bright red color. The poppy flower symbolizes imagination.

Flowers for September:

Aster and morning glory are September birth flowers. Asters are famous for powerful love, affection, and wisdom. While morning glory flower is a potent flower for birthday and symbol of one-sided love and care.

Flowers for October:

The marigold and cosmos are popular October flowers. Marigolds symbolize violent love, creativity, and passion. Cosmos flowers are a flower of peace and tranquility.

Flowers for November:

November’s birth flower is chrysanthemum, the bright and cheery flower. Chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and honesty.

Flowers for December:

Narcissus and holly are famous flowers for December. The narcissus is for good wishes, hope and wealth. Holly is a birth plant for December, and It symbolizes protection and defense.

So go on, buy flowers for your loved ones to express your love, affection, and care. Wish them heartily birthday to your loved ones with the beautiful flowers and show your love to them.

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