Change the traditional Eidi concept this Eid by giving your special ones flowers or an Eid basket

Eid is a memorable occasion when families and friends come together to celebrate and share happiness and best wishes with each other.

While Eid has a traditional concept of giving money as Eidi, now this era is too much modernized. The Eidi concept is still the same as in previous years, but now the time and choices of kids and youth have changed.

You can transform the previous Eidi concept this Eid by giving your special ones a flower bouquet or an Eid basket because the youth are attracted and inspired by new ideas, but it requires a lot of struggle.

The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere and put too much struggle into choosing different gifts because we admire your ideas and come up with stylish and majestic gifts and flower bouquets that perfectly splash your love and affection.

Giving flowers or an Eid basket on Eid will be a departure from the traditional Eidi concept, also it can be a refreshing change that adds a touch of uniqueness to your Eid celebrations.

If you are abroad, we have good news for you, you can send Eid gifts to your special ones here in Pakistan from the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. We offer free delivery services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, so book your order now and surprise your loved ones with a new modern Eidi.

Surely they will be amazed and love this new Eidi concept, so explore your favorite products and surprise your special ones this Eid.

Signature collection of Flower Bouquet

Flowers are a reminder of the beauty and diversity of Allah’s creations. They symbolize purity, beauty, and grace and are often associated with love, gratitude, and happiness.

Flowers are a popular gift choice for Eid because giving and receiving flowers on Eid day strengthens the bonds and promotes a sense of community.

We perfectly designed the flower bouquets in a graceful way that they spread the scent of love and sparkle happiness on your Eid.

Our professionals make colorful arrangements of high-quality flowers and perfectly arrange them in bouquets.

We use top-quality local and imported flowers and deliver fresh bouquets to your doorstep, the freshness of every single flower is guaranteed.

Check it out and send our signature flower bouquet to your loved ones.


Country Garden.




Eid baskets Options

An Eid basket is a thoughtful and practical way to share the joy and happiness of  Eid because they contain different sweet and savory items to satisfy salty and sweet cravings.

We designed a special Eid baskets collection for Eid consisting of sweets, snacks, drinks, chocolate, mithai, bangles, vermicelli, and Nimko.

Eid baskets are packed in a superb and trendy manner that perfectly highlights your lovely feelings and attracts the attention of your loved ones.

Surprise your loved ones this Eid by sending them an Eid basket. We also provide same-day delivery in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi so hurry up! Book your gift basket now.

Celebration Time (signature product).

Eid Basket-Coral.

Eid Basket-Violet.

Eid Basket-Gold.

Gourmet Basket-Navy.

Mini chocolate

Kids and younger people love chocolate; you can give mini chocolates to kids as Eidi. Order our mini chocolate packet and distribute it this Eid to everyone, and unlock happiness on their faces.

Mars Miniatures.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate


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