Corporate Gifting Etiquette

Gifts are always delightful gestures and are seldom taken in a negative sense. However, when in a professional environment like the workplace, gifting can be a tricky business. Gifts can be seen as personal, which is the opposite of what you should be doing at the workplace. There is a way to extend gifts at your corporate job without you drawing the ire of your boss. Here is how to keep things professional while appreciating others around you with presents.

Consult the HR Department

Yes, you read that right. The HR department is your go-to place for a corporate gifting emergency. They have all the information about company compliance laws and will help you in any way they can. Presents can prove to be more of a problem than kind gestures if they are delivered to the wrong person. If you are unsure about your gift, it is better to ask and be safe than sorry.

Value of the Gifts

Usually, companies have set limits for the value of gifts. While this nominal value can be different for different companies, the bottom line is that gifts should never expensive or valuable. There are strict company policies against gifts that exceed the set value. For this reason, always check the maximum you are allowed to spend on a gift and stick to that- grand gestures will not thaw hearts in Corporate.

Gifts for Clients and Colleagues

Clients and colleagues are two different kinds of people in the workplace; gifting is also individual for both.


  • For clients, gifts are always admired and show good company values such as taking care of their customers. However, many times companies do not accept corporate gifting culture, and it is possible that your client can not receive the gift. Always check both your own company’s handbook and the recipient’s so that any inconvenience can be prevented.
  • Sometimes only executives or managers have the authority to give gifts outside your company.


  • Always follow HR instructions regarding gifts for colleagues.
  • Gifts should never be of a personal nature rather strictly professional.
  • Get gifts that will prove to be useful- the nature of your presents should be consistent with their jobs.

Gifts for Boss

Sometimes gifts can be seen as bribes rather than gestures of goodwill. If you are thinking about giving a gift to your boss you might want to reconsider that thought. It is always safer to give a collective gift to your boss and not just by yourself. No one will think you want to get brownie points for the gift and please your boss. You can always give a gift to your boss alone but do not expect some of your coworkers to not be nosy about it,


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