Creative ideas for dried flowers

For decades now, dried flowers have been the epitome of aesthetics. Whether it’s home décor or artwork when we talk about the versatility of dried flowers there aren’t many contenders left to take their place.

Read on for our complete guide on how to style dried flowers for different events and homes.

Home décor

Who doesn’t want their home to have a warm, cozy, and a little aesthetic feel? Dried flowers are the most top-notch choice when it comes to that. Wreaths made of dried flowers hung around the house look both snug and mellow, as they’ve always been one of the most used pieces of home décor around the world.

Keeping your memories warm

Bring out emotions by incorporating dried flowers to decorate a photo frame. Memories give off warm sentiments and by bringing out their emotions they keep reminding you of the memories you made with those photographs.

Give your dear friends this photo frame paired with a cake or floral bouquet, with a small missing you note and they would cherish this gift forever.

A joy to the eyes

A bouquet of several colored dried flowers sitting in vases in different parts of your home is just a joy to the eyes. With different colors in different seasons, dried flowers are one of your most reliable partners to trust in terms of making your house a pleasure to your eyes and the eyes of your guests.

A decoration no matter what

Everyone loves a fancy cake, right? Now all flowers are not edible, well, all decorations aren’t either. So get some dried flowers to make your cake look fancy. If you have a passion for baking cakes, you would also love decorating them. Again dried flowers can always be trusted to make your cake look more appealing.

Artistic vision

Art and aesthetics are two things that go side by side. Since you already know by now the aesthetic value of dried flowers, think about how they can be used as magnificent pieces of artwork. Their versatility makes them such a perfect option to be used in art because they can both bring out the visuals of a picture as a side prop and as the main article.

Other than their aesthetic aspects, dried flowers are also fundamental ingredients for many essential oils, scented candles, and some good old potpourri.

Oils for your skin and your home

Dried flowers like rose, lavender, and calendula are key ingredients of many essential oils for your skin. They have multiple purposes like moisturizing and whitening your skin. You can also add some baby oil to the dried Flowers and spread the mix in different corners of your house to always get a heavenly scent that makes you feel calm, collected and puts you at ease.

The good old potpourri

Everybody adores a good bunch of potpourri, don’t they? The dried flowers sitting in a bowl or a sachet making the room more pleasant by the second have been here for many decades and are still the most used product to fill a room with its incredible scent.

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