Delivering happiness in times of uncertainty

The past year has been the most unstable and uncertain for all the people around the globe. We are just not sure about when our lives are going back to normal. In short, we are certain about very little, which is feeding a lot of negativity and fear. The brain has stopped thinking logically and seeing things clearly.

Is anyone around you feeling a bit low lately? In times of covid19, everyone has their problems to deal with. However, a person must support someone going through distress in these times through small gestures.

Here are a few ideas on how to deliver happiness in uncertain times.

Deliver a personalized cake

Bring a huge smile on your family member or friend’s face with a personalized cake that says stay strong with beautiful frosting. If anyone is going through stress and depression because of quarantine. Either from being jobless or losing their loved one from the virus. Write a note with a dive to cope up with the uncertain times through your mind.

Listen with attention

Don’t let your loved ones feel they are alone when they are going through a rough patch of their life. Show them you are there for them no matter what. During a pandemic, it isn’t safe to be present at someone’s place physically however emotional presence is enough. You can call them through social apps, listen to them attentively. Try to comfort them and find them some logical solutions to their problems. Send them a personalized video message starring all their friends and family members to cheer them up. This is one of the unique gifts in such times.

Check up on them

Don’t underestimate the power of checking up on someone. Start from those who are feeling helpless right now. This could be your family member, your neighbor, or your friend. Visiting them during their hard time is the best possible way to be of service.

Deliver a flower bouquet at their place

When you can’t in person console someone then flowers say it all loud. They will bring sunshine to someone’s dark days. Sending a flower bouquet and handwritten card is a great way to show your support to them and you are thinking about them all the time while they are back on their feet. Get it nicely packed from the florists and write a thoughtful note to let your friend or loved one know you care about them.

Plants for a person who is going through an isolation period

The isolation period is not easy to deal with. If your friend or any loved one has recently gone through a long isolation period for covid 19 or is currently in isolation. Then a plant is all they need right now. It not only invites beauty to a house but health, prosperity, and love too. Green lush plants are long-lived and beautiful and one of the most thoughtful gifts for anyone. Get it delivered to their house with a card wishing them a happy recovery.

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