Exploring The Meaning Of Red Roses

Flowers have been adored and cherished for centuries. From inspiring painters to symbolizing certain emotions on occasions, flowers have held a profound significance for thousands of years. One of the most prominent flowers is a red rose. These vibrant blossoms symbolize love and passion. However, there is more to them than what meets the eye. What does this flower mean? Keep reading to find out!.

5 Meanings Behind Red Roses You Might Not Know About

Love and Passion

Red roses stand for true love, desire, and romance. It has become a custom to extend the red rose on Valentine’s day. The bright red flower implies beauty and purity. Roses have been used to convey messages and win hearts. A bouquet of these dazzling flowers is also sent to make amends and apologize. A budding red rose embodies a love that is still blooming. These are given out to loved ones to imply a romantic or marital relationship.

Association With Greek Goddess Aphrodite

The Red Rose is usually associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. It is said that this flower grew from the Goddess’s tears and the blood of her lover. Therefore, in greek and roman culture, Roses represent love beauty and are a symbol of diety.

Symbolism In Christianity 

Carthusians emphasized the sacredness of the rose symbol and gardens. This Flower is also associated with Virgin Mary. It even led to rosary prayer and other devotions in Christianity.

Symbolism In Sufism

Hafez, a Persian lyric poet, has included the image of blossoming love between the nightingale and rose in many of his poems. The beauty of the rose leads to the longing song of the nightingale.

IbnʿArabi, and Arab Andalusian mystic poet and scholar has associated the rose to blush on beloved’s cheeks.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, a Sufi master was called “The Rose Of Baghdad”.

Symbol Of Socialism

Red Roses are associated with socialism because of their colour. The red colour represented socialism. Post the French Revolution of 1848, members of the provisional government and prominent authorities wore red rosettes as a sign of remembrance of recognition of the revolution.

Final Verdict

From Sufism to Christianity, going back to Greek mythology, Roses have been around forever. These fresh, bright, brilliant flowers represent pure innocence, love, and everlasting romanticism.

These are the perfect flowers to give out no matter what the occasion. They are bound to thaw frozen hearts and bring people together.

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