Flowers, A Gift So Special

No matter what occasion you are gifting for, flowers, a gift so special, can never go wrong. Plus, it is very convenient to buy. Even if not a whole bouquet, you can give them just a single stem of a fresh fully grown flower. Here is a list of why flowers are a gift so special.

Why do we give flowers as a gift?

There can be so many occasions when we give a flower as a gift according to the feeling and reason behind it. They may be common, but they make sure to be a great gift. They never fail to make anyone smile and they keep affecting the receiver’s mood constantly till they are fresh. The possible reasons to give flowers are as below:

To impress someone:

The easiest way to impress someone is to give them a flower. Everyone loves flowers but girls, treasure flowers, until or unless she hates the giver, she will cherish the flower even after it is dried. Keeping a flower inside a book is still a thing, yes even in 2021.
In case of impressing, go for a zinnia. They indicate respect and honor. Such a pure flower to impress, right? Another one is light red carnations, they mean admiration.

To brighten up their day:

If someone is not having the best day of their life and you want to make them feel better. But nothing seems to work, you can simply go and give them a flower.
If you want to choose a flower to brighten up someone’s day, go for a sunflower. Surprised, aren’t you? These beautiful flowers are sadly a bit rare to gift, which makes them a good choice for a sad person. Even if they see you coming out of a flower shop, they will never expect to receive a sunflower. The best part is their meaning. It means positivity, good luck, long-lasting happiness, and loyalty.

As an apology:

Did you end up hurting someone intentionally or unintentionally? What matters the most is if you want to repent or not. If you do, then go ask for forgiveness with your sincere words. Do not give an expensive gift, it will give off the impression that you want to impress them through money. That is where a flower works best. Because flowers are a gift so special!
If you want to apologize with a flower, go for a white chrysanthemum. It means deep loyalty and honesty.

To celebrate:

The most common reason to give a flower is to celebrate. It can be any occasion, someone’s wedding, or graduation, or birthday, or anniversary, or housewarming, or baby shower or recovery or anything.
Now, all these occasions have their specific flowers. But all in all, you can go for daffodils, they are commonly used as congratulation flowers. They generally denoted new beginnings, the upcoming spring, and rebirth.

To show love:

The exchange of flowers in couples is the most common way to express love. Give them the typical representative of love, red roses. They mean true love and passion. Or you can also go for tulips, they mean undying love.

To help them heal:

Whether it is to heal from a wound in the heart or a wound on the outside. The best flower to give in such a situation is protea, it means courage and strength. The other one is gladiolus denotes strength and remembrance. Another one is iris; they indicate faith and hope. The hope of better days.

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