Fun Ways to Celebrate April Fool’s Day

April fool’s day is celebrated globally, in some regions people go to any extent to throw the best prank in the town. The first thing we need to keep in mind while pulling pranks is to not hurt someone, physically or emotionally. Know the limits of the person before planning a prank for them. Here is a list of harmless fun ways to celebrate April fool’s day. Stay safe and have fun!

1- Bug in The Lamp

Cut out a bug that scares your friend the most, glue it under the lid of the lamp, and wait for the victim to turn it on. It will illuminate like a bug is under the lamp. This one is our most favorite one in this list of fun ways to celebrate April fool’s day.

2- Salt in Sugar Jar

Fill the salt jar with sugar and the sugar jar with salt. Buy the ones that have not much difference in size to avoid failure. Let us remind you, this will end up food wastage.

3- Fake News or Invitation

Send them a fake invitation to a costume party, to seem less obvious, an anniversary party. Record them when they arrive and see you in your pajamas. Call them and give them fake news of something huge like an engagement or anything that is not a sensitive topic for the people involved.

4- Put Chili Sauce in Toothpaste

All you must do is add chili sauce to their toothpaste and get your cameras ready. Do not use this as a prank if the person has sensitive skin or gum or they recently had a tooth treatment.

5- Horror Ringtone

Change their ringtone to a horror one and call them when they are alone.

6- Scary Picture on Commode Seat

Paste a scary picture of a ghost or snake or a meme, under the commode seat and close the lid. Stay near the toilet, you may not be able to see their face but will surely be able to hear the reaction.

7- Salt in Water Bottle

The best one of the fun ways to celebrate April fool’s day is to mix salt in their water bottle. Leave it and go back to your chorus but keep an eye on when they drink it, you would not want to miss their reaction.

8- Nose Extensions Through Makeup

You can find various tutorials of SFX makeup to teach you how to give yourself a fake nose extension that looks real. If you are pranking kids, give yourself a big pointy nose. If you are pranking an adult, try a fractured or swollen nose but do not add blood to avoid chaos.

9- Freeze Mentos In Ice for Soda Lovers

It works like a bath bomb. Add this ice bomb to the soda of your soda lover friend and wait for the ice to melt and watch their reaction. It is better to record it for the future. Make sure they are not drinking it while it explodes to avoid the soda going past the wrong pipes.

10- Replace Fragrant Products with Worse Smelling Ones

Replace their room freshener with any pungent smelling spray, you can find various online. You can also do this to their sauces, by replacing it with fish sauce but it can get you into trouble if their food gets destroyed plus the food will be wasted, so it is better to not do it.

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