How to Care for Orchids?

Orchids are considered one of the most beautiful flowers due to their crisp colors and long-lasting blooms.  The most common hues of orchids are purple, pink, yellow, magenta, and white. They are perfect gifts for new parents as they symbolize love, elegance, and fertility. There are various varieties of orchids and if you are planning to buy one for your home; you must learn how to care for this pretty flower. When you employ the essential caring tips that this particular flower requires; you can keep your orchid healthy and alive and enjoy its presence at your home. So, let’s begin with the caring tips and tricks to ensure that your orchid is flourishing and blooming inside or outside your home.

Tip # 1: Meet the basic requirements when you grow orchids.

Orchid’s growth is dependent on proper potting, fast-draining soil, moderate temperature, and adequate light. For potting; your orchid should be planted in a pot having good drainage capacity. Ensure that your chosen pot has drainage holes at the bottom to eliminate any excess water. Choose a soil base that is fast-draining so that the orchid can grow properly and well on time. The moderate temperature (16-24 degrees Celsius) coupled with little air circulation helps orchids to grow big and be attractive. Orchids also need sufficient light but they do not require direct light. So, it is best to place them in a south or east-facing window for best results.

Tip # 2: Once they are grown; water them adequately.

Water your orchids after every few days and avoid overwatering. It is best to water them when you see the pot is clear and there is no condensation.

Tip # 3: Use fertilizer to promote reblooming.

Choose a good quality well-balanced houseplant fertilizer to promote reblooming in your dormant orchid. You can use it on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon the variety.

Tip # 4: Prune the stem once the flower has been dried.

Orchids do not rebloom on the same stem. So, when the flower has been dried; it is essential to prune the stem to promote reblooming in your orchid.

Tip # 5: Ensure that your orchid reblooms in 6-9 months.

When you apply the above-given tips; you will see a rebloom in your orchid in about six to nine months. However, if you do not see it; it could be because of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient or too much light.
  • Inadequate temperature.
  • Either too little or too much water than required.
  • Wrong season and temperature, insufficient fertilizer, or repotting is required.


Orchids can live quite long; if they are cared for properly. You must never forget the three stages in an orchid’s lifecycle, i.e., a period of initial bloom, a dormant period, and a reblooming period. Now, you are well-aware of how to care for this plant; so, buy one from a local or online store; and get ready to beautify your home with its vibrant color and fragrance.

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