How To Select Meaningful Flower Arrangements For Funerals

Funerals are heartwrenching occasions where consolations are needed and appreciated. It is foremost to extend support to the family of the departed. Flower arrangements have a lot of meaning and symbolism in them and are perfect to offer at funerals. However, finding meaningful flowers to send on funerals can be hard. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the right one.

 Flower arrangements for Funerals and what they represent

If you are looking for suitable flower arrangements, always look for the type and color of the flowers. They have a lot of meanings to them. Selecting the right arrangement with the message you want to convey will add a personal touch. Here are a few arrangements.


If you want to be o the safe side, Bouquet is the thing for you. Bouquets are the predominant flower arrangements at funerals. These bouquets have flowers that represent grief, comfort, and condolence. Bouquets extended at funerals usually have the following flowers:

  • Lilies: lilies are popular in flower arrangements. This flower expresses sympathy and innocence. It also means that the purity of the departed soul is restored.
  • Carnations: These flowers symbolize strength, healing, and love. Bouquets made with flowers notify eternal grief, sadness, and respect. Not only are they beautiful, but they also give a message of hope for the beginning of a new life.


Funeral wreaths are beautiful flower arrangements that symbolize the circle of life. They represent how our arrival is destined and, so is our departure. Wreaths are usually placed on the top of the casket. It usually has flowers that represent mourning and sympathy.

  • Chrysanthemums: These wreaths mostly have chrysanthemums. These beautiful flowers represent death in certain cultures. These are handed out at funerals to symbolize sympathy and grief.
  • Gladioli: This flower represents a strong will and therefore it is popular in funeral arrangements to mourn the loss of a person with strong character and will.


If you are looking flower arrangement with profound symbolism, garlands will do perfectly. Garlands are almost like wreaths except for the fact that they are long chains of flowers instead of a circle. Garlands are more popular in the Hindu religion. People usually place a garland of roses inside the casket as an expression of devotion. In ancient Egypt, garlands were put on dead bodies to celebrate the afterlife.

Casket sprays

casket sprays are a type of funeral arrangement that beautifies the casket. If you are looking to express your grief but do not know how to, send a casket spray to the deceased. Casket sprays are made with a lot of meaningful flowers, some are mentioned below:

  • Roses

Dark Roses signify sorrow and grief and pink ones indicate love and appreciation. Casket Sprays made with yellow roses are sent from close friends of the deceased.

  • Orchids

Casket sprays usually have pink or white orchids which convey sympathy. Send these flowers and show love for the deceased and condolences for the family.

Final thoughts:

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