How to Take Care of Your Fresh Flowers?

Flowers have a great ability to cherish people and are a nice décor for homes. But a sad truth is that the fresh flowers do not last for long especially if they are without water and their stems have been cut. However, if you follow certain tips and tricks; the fresh flowers can stay fresh for a longer time. A good tip is to add 3 drops of bleach with 1 teaspoon of sugar in 1 liter of water. Doing so will help to prevent bacterial growth and cloudy water which will otherwise ruin the freshness of the flowers. Do you want to know more about how to take care of your fresh flowers? Then, the following guideline is surely for you. Here are the top flower care tips and tricks which you must consider.

Give adequate water and use flower food to nourish your flowers.

It is vital to change the water after every 2-3 days to keep the flowers fresh. This is because flowers are highly susceptible to bacteria that form and sit in the water that remains for a few days. Replenish an adequate amount of water and if possible, also use flower food to nourish the flowers. Also, make sure that when water is mixed with flower food; it shouldn’t be too concentrated or diluted but has a balanced consistency. The flower food stimulates water uptake and helps to reduce the pH of water. Therefore, wisely water your flowers to keep them fresh.

Put aside your flowers from direct sunlight or heat.

Another good tip is to prevent your flowers from entering sunlight or heat. Otherwise, they will lose their charm and won’t last for long. Put them in areas having cool temperatures and away from fruits, and ceiling fans. The unnecessary cooling will cause them to dehydrate and the ripening fruits will challenge their longevity by producing ethylene gas.

Do not forget to cut the flower

When you do not cut the flower stems; the water cannot reach them. This lack of water will ruin the freshness of the flowers. Therefore, it is important to cut the flower stems by using garden shears. Trim 1-2 inches off and check thoroughly after every 2-3 days if flowers need any further trimming. If it’s a yes then do so to keep them fresh.

Wash your vase and avoid bacterial rot.

Keep the vase thoroughly cleaned by rinsing it well with water. Also, use a sponge to clean it properly especially the areas where it needs little scrubbing. Afterward, clean the vase with a towel and leave it aside for some time. Alongside; also avoid bacterial rot by using the pruning method to keep your flowers fresh.

Bottom Line:

Use these tips along with a few home remedies to add life to your fresh flowers. As home remedies; you can use hairspray, aspirin, apple cider vinegar, vodka, soda, etc. Why not order some fresh flowers from a local delivery service and nourish them in your home afterward?

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