How To Take Care Of Your Roses

February is the month of love and endearment. We are bidding farewell to it; I believe it is still too early to part with the flowers you received. Roses are in demand throughout the year, particularly during the valentine’s season, and given as a token of love and devotion. Have you received a lot of roses from this valentine and want them to be fresh and last longer? If so, keep reading to understand how to take proper care of your roses.

Five Ways To Keep Your Roses In Mint Condition For Longer

By taking the preventive steps you can keep your roses alluring for longer; it might seem like a dull and laborious task. For ease, we have curated a list of easy tips for you to take better care of your roses. Following are the things you ought to do :


Adding small amounts of disinfecting bleach in the flower vase water will help with the longevity of your roses and make them look fresh for longer. It precludes any bacterial growth and stops the water from getting murky. These factors make the flowers lose their novelty. A few drops of disinfecting bleach will keep the wilting at bay.

Flower Food

Flower food is a mixture of sugar, citric acid, and bleach. It is commercially available and aids in keeping your roses reinvigorated. The citric acid lowers the pH of the water to maintain a favourable environment for the flowers. On the other hand, sugar acts as a nutrient for keeping the roses healthy. The bleach helps with bacterial invasion. Flower food packets are the stop solution for all your lower problems.

Trimming Stems

It is advisable to cut the stems of your roses at a 45-degree angle. By trimming the stem, you are helping the roses to absorb water effectively. Cutting the stem underwater prevents the formation of air pockets and blockage of absorption.

Keep Them Chilled

You should keep your roses in the refrigerator overnight to delay wilting and minimize water loss. The ideal temperature is anywhere between 32 to 37°F. This practice will make your blossoms look refreshed and crisp. Keep the flowers away from fruits and vegetables as they produce gases that stimulate bacterial growth.


One thing that you should focus on the most is the maintenance of your vase. Clean the vase as often as you can to ensure healthy flowers. You must change the vase water regularly as cloudy water is a no-go. Any wilted petals and leaves are to be removed as they might cause rots and further deteriorate the flowers.

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