Ideal Flowers for her on your Anniversary

Flowers hold special importance on weddings and anniversaries. This is because flowers have a great ability to make people feel special about their day. Moreover, it enhances their mood with their elegance, vibrant colors, beauty, and fragrance. Ancient Medieval history set a trend to gift flowers on anniversaries. This became evident when men of the Roman Empire used to give beautiful flowers to their wives. Some have been reported to gift silver garlands to celebrate their 25th anniversary while others used to give golden wreaths on the 50th anniversary.

Are you looking for the best and ideal flowers for your beloved on your anniversary? Are you in search of a few great tips to consider on this special day to cherish your wife? Then, let’s explore the following information. This article will shed light on the ideal flowers for your anniversary. Moreover, it will reflect on a few tips which are good to consider to surprise your wife. So, let’s begin.

Perfect Flowers and Gifts for your Wife on your Anniversary:

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a special moment and an exciting time. It recognizes the commitment with your wife and you shouldn’t ignore this moment to make her feel special. While there are a lot of flowers and gifts that can be considered. But the following list is the most appropriate one on this special day.

  • A decent bouquet of carnations paired with a personalized gift of jewelry.
  • Calla lily flowers coupled with chocolates and a nut basket.
  • Mixed flowers (daisy and sunflowers) with home-baked cupcakes.
  • Geranium flower with a customized anniversary cake.
  • Roses and cosmos paired with a nice wristwatch.

Ideal Flowers as per the Year of Anniversary:

The floral experts are of the view that certain flowers are associated with each year of marriage and they convey a strong meaning. Therefore, flowers on anniversaries must be given as per the year of marriage. Here is a short guideline in this respect.

1st anniversary: Carnations.

2nd anniversary: Cosmos.

3rd anniversary: Sunflowers.

4th anniversary: Geranium.

5th anniversary: Daisy.

10th anniversary: Daffodils.

15th anniversary: Roses.

20th anniversary: Asters.

25th anniversary: Iris.

30th anniversary: Lilies.

40th anniversary: Gladiolus.

50th anniversary: Yellow Roses with Violets.

Best Tips and Tricks for choosing the Right Flower for your Wife:

Here are a few tips and tricks for picking up the right flowers for her on your anniversary. These are:

  • Choose the flower that is associated with a beautiful memory with your wife.
  • Pick a flower by her name especially if is it like Jasmine, Daisy, Rose, etc.
  • Buy the flower or the flower’s color that is mostly liked by her.

Final Thoughts:

Do consider flower symbolism before gifting flowers to your wife. This will convey a stronger message to her and will uplift her mood. Also, choose the flowers as per her liking to make her feel special on this big day of her life. Why not order a beautiful flower bouquet for your wife with a nice gift to cherish her up?

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