Right rose for the right occasion

Many a times we are lost for words, actions or expressions in our lives and later only wish that we had the right thing to say, do or show. It’s different when it comes to roses. There can always be the right rose for the right moment or occasion. Flowers are the language of love, kindness & passion. The multi-layered petals, aroma & feeling of a rose make it the most popular flower in the world. The number, color & manner in which flowers are given constitute the language of flowers. Just to give you a brief spin on how it works, here are the four most famous rose colors around:

Red Roses

The first that pops in your mind is true. Red is the color of love & romance. No matter who you are or where you belong from, if your relationship is based on these two beautiful pillars then you know the significance of a single red rose in your lover’s hand. Red roses have been accused through generations & generations of being accomplices to heart robberies! The chemical effect a red rose can have on your brain is mind boggling. Now imagine the happiness & peace it brings to the chest of the person giving away such a priceless gift of love. I’ve had the pleasure of giving my wife many smiles but none more beautiful & memorable than the smile I saw on her face when I gave her a bouquet of red roses on our engagement. Flowers are better capturers of memories than cameras, did you know that?

White Roses

Despite being a relative of the red rose, the white rose has its own story to tell. We see weddings arrangements that have aisles showered with white roses and the whole theme is matched in white to somehow compliment the simplicity & beauty of a white rose. At weddings & other such events the white rose releases the feeling of purity, innocence & togetherness. On the other hand, what’s the color of flowers you see at memorials? White, because it transcends unity, sympathy & solidarity. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of taking white roses to a mourning person, you’d know that the flowers hold you firmly & not the other way around. It is a way of showing gratitude to the life that was well spent & the memories that will remain forever.

Yellow Roses

The yellow rose has taken leaps & bounds towards changing the perception of people about it over hundreds of years. A flower once used to express jealousy & envy has now weaved its own future by being the silent symbol of joy, friendship & happiness. Yellow roses light up the room with their aura & presence. Fields of yellow roses seem like an extract from heaven where everything is good & life is pleasant. If you ever needed to tell your best friend what they meant to you, do it the right way. The warmth you’ll get right after is guaranteed to last ages.

Pink Roses

What color rose would you give out to your daughter that just graduated, got her first job & is now a full blossoming lady? Pink. A pink rose is the epitome of elegance, beauty & grace. Pink signifies the strength & power of femininity and hence is used in countless occasions where women gather around to celebrate their accomplishments & struggle through this puzzle of a life. This gentle rose, despite being silent like all the other flowers, has pride screaming all over it.

Mankind has tip toed its way to a point where we know how to make use of a lot of things mother nature has provisioned for us. Selecting the right rose or mix of roses depends upon the feeling in your gut & the message you wish to convey. Life in essence is exactly like a flower & will eventually wither. Why hesitate to spread & share the love that’s inside? Visit us to pick the right rose for the right occasion.

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