Roses for Different Occasions

Roses are great for any occasion as they come in a number of different colors. However, finding the right color for the right occasion is quite challenging. No need to worry about the options, this blog is written to enlighten you to pick the right color based on your occasion. So, read on:

Red Roses

The red rose is a symbol of love and known universally as the lover’s rose. They are the most popular type in roses. People prefer sending red roses to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day and some other loved events. Due to their increased demand, the prices are a little high compared to other types. The symbolism of love and passion, red roses also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. What’s more, this flower exemplifies true love stronger than bristles.

Yellow Roses

Representing friendship, joy and caring, the yellow rose – often associated with warmth love – sends a message of loyalty and says “I am worthy of you. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms has been closely associated with the sun and used to send people in order to cheer them up. Free from the romantic subtext of other colors, yellow roses send a message of gratitude and companionable love with the feelings of delight and enchantment, and symbolize gladness and affection.

White Roses

No friendship can be completes without a bold and dramatic white rose. The ultimate symbol of friendship and care, the white rose also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing self-effacement, transparency, and purity, the white rose is known universally as the bridal rose—associated with naïve love. The reasoning is quite interesting — in Scotland and various other countries, the blossoming of the white rose is considered as a token of early marriage. Also representing respect, it sends a message of loyalty.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are an eye-grabbing and all-time favorite for young girls who are fond of pink color. Calm-looking pink roses represent refinement, ladylikeness, stylishness, and sophistication, the pink rose also carries additional meanings depending on its hue. Other than the mentioned things, the pink rose also conveys an additional message based on its cool shades. A deep pink rose sends a vibe of gratefulness and appreciation, while pale shades convey sophistication and calmness, respect and contentment to the receiver. Options are vast — pick the color with the right message you convey.

Orange Roses

Orange is a vibrant color – it sends energetic vibes to a person you are sending it. Orange roses represent warm, love, kindness, enthusiasm, and passion. With vibrant tones it carries, the orange rose expresses appreciation and charm.  A bouquet filled with an eye-grabbing bunch of orange flowers has an underlying message of excitement and passion.

Green Roses

Chances are, you haven’t seen green roses in your life. Yes, they’re rare and hard-to-find anywhere. But, they’re absolutely rare and one of its kind type of roses. They are enchanting, soothing, and eye-grabbing. If you want to convey a peaceful message to someone, you can get them green roses. They would love your choice and appreciate your struggle of getting them such a unique breed of flowers. They are appropriate for a funeral flower as well as any spiritual event.

Black Roses

It has been long centuries that the magic of black roses rising – instead of fading. You must be wondering ‘why is that so?’  The reason lies in their improbable color, powerful feeling of grief and good-bye. Synonymous with death and mourning, black roses are most commonly symbolize bereavement, loss, and impermanence. In addition to sadness, black roses also represent the beginning of new things.

Peach Roses

If you’re looking for a way to express modesty, go for peach rose. Grab some peach roses, make it a bouquet, and gift it to your loved one. With their sympathetic underlying message, peach roses symbolize eagerness and convey admiration. They are great for a thank-you gift, as well as a good choice for expressing we-feeling to someone who has just lost a loved one. Not limited to this, a bouquet full of pale peach roses can make a great wedding flower theme or a gift for a newly-wed couple.

Do you want to know more about roses? Stay with us and get to read amazing articles on flowers and send them to your loved ones.

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