Say “I’m Sorry” with Flowers

A great poet said ” To Err is Human” and there is always room for apologies. If you have hurt someone close, an apology might be due. What better way to show you are apologising than sending them an exquisite bouquet of apology flowers? What? Never heard of them? Well, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out what these apology flowers are and what they signify.

What are Apology Flowers?

You might have heard of Floriography- the language of flowers. Apology flowers are blooms that represent feelings of guilt, remorse or love, and compassion to make up for the mistake. This gesture is well thought-out and way better than an apology text you were going to send later. There are a lot of flowers you can say sorry with, here are our top picks!

1. Lilly of the Valley

Lilly of the value represented a restored state of happiness in 19th century England. It also represents purity and rebirth. These blooms are popular for apologies since they represent a rebirth of your relationship with all the hatchets buried in the past. If you want to play it safe, lily of the valley is the best option to go for.

2. Roses

Roses are classic and timeless; they can never go out of style. Roses stand for love and deep compassion. Let them know how much you love them and win them back with a big beautiful bouquet of roses. These blossoms are romantic apology flowers and would be best appreciated by your better half.

3. Ivy Flowers

Believe it or not, Ivies make to be great apology blooms for friends, family and even partners. Ivy flowers can show loyalty, trustworthiness and support. They are reassurance of your loyalty and represent how much their support means to you.

4. Lilies

Nobody denies a beautiful arrangement of fresh and delightful lilies! Lilies are the perfect apology flowers as they represent humbleness and adoration. You are admitting your mistakes and striving to make amends while also expressing feelings of affection towards your partner. No damage cannot be restored by vibrant Lilies.

5. Tulips

These dynamic cup-shaped flowers depict forgiveness and revival. If you want to revive your relationship with hopes of a happy future; tulips are your best friends. Tulips are not romantic flowers and are usually given to platonic relationships like friends or family.

6. Blue Hyacinths

We often get into arguments and confrontations with friends which, makes us subjected to the silent treatment. Offer serenity by giving them majestic blue hyacinths. These blooms depict peace and sincerity. Never too late to save the friendships you cherish the most.

7. Daffodils

Daffodils are symbolic of rebirth or a fresh start. Turn a new leaf in your troubled relationships with these bright yellow flowers. End cold and dark days, and welcome spring into your social life with daffodils!


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