Seven Most Common House Plants

Who doesn’t love to decorate and adorn their homes with plants and flowers? It just feels so nice to be around greenery, making one feel fresh and healthy all day, every day. House plants come in so many different types and varieties, they are very easy to grow and don’t ask for much care. Just provide them with enough water, shade, and warmth, and they will welcome you with all their glory and fill your heart with joy, as you return home from a long day of work.

House plants also make great personalized gifts, be it an occasion or just because they are always a beautiful gift. Just pot some with love and care, and gift them to a friend, colleague, or neighbour. They are bound to cherish the thoughtful gift, and it will make a sweet reminder of you as they decorate their space with it.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common house plants that are easy to grow and care for, and look great in any space.

1. Croton

Croton is one of the most popular house plants because of its stunning leaves. The leaves are grown in many different shades of green with golden and red hues, giving them a surreal look. The leaves are bold and the plant can grow very large with exceptional care. Put this plant in any corner of the room to brighten it immediately.

2. Money Plant

Who hasn’t heard of Money Plant? The bright green, round leaves look beautiful growing as wines on window sills or along your wall. You can also grow them in water, contained in glass bottles and place them in your kitchen.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plants make amazing house plants. They are just gorgeous to look at, with overhanging thin, long leaves. They also propagate very rapidly, so you can re-pot them and give them as a gift or keep it for yourself. They look great in hanging pots and baskets in your living room.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only a bold, beautiful plant but it is also very useful. The sap of its leaves is good for the skin and heals sunburns. And because it is succulent it asks for little or no care and can survive without water for months.

5. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant with long green leaves and light-coloured edges is a very common and popular choice among house plants. The reason is that this plant demands little or no care. It is very adaptable and can grow in any temperature and condition. It can also survive weeks without water.

6. Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos plant is another very popular choice because of how easy it is to grow and care for it. Its leaves are heart-shaped and bright green with light-coloured splotches centred on them. They revitalize any space that you decorate with them.

7. Dumb Cane

The dumb Cane plant is also a very popular choice. The leaves are bright green with lighter-coloured splotches on them. They look absolutely gorgeous in any space. Perhaps the only downside to them is that they might be toxic to your pets.

So have you decided on which of these houseplants you will be decorating your home with, and gifts to your loved ones? They will surely appreciate this beautiful gesture of yours. Hop on to our website to browse through our wide selection of cakes and flowers for all occasions, and order away personalized gifts, flowers, and cakes for your family and friends.

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