Unique flowers for Father’s Day

Looking for a perfect gift for your father to express your appreciation more than ever? Believe it or not, there is no perfect gift other than flowers. And surprisingly even the fastidious dads would give an approving nod to vibrant summer flowers.

Now comes the difficult part to choose from the wide variety of flowers. After all, it’s for the guy without whom you wouldn’t be who you are today, so want to take a step further and give your flower bouquet a customised touch?

Run through the list below and at the end you will definitely have something to go with this fathers day.

Red Roses

Who doesn’t love roses? They go with all occasions, but Red Roses especially are considered the official flowers for father’s day. Red roses are unmatchable in their beauty and scent, just your love for your father. So, say it all with a gorgeous bouquet of Red Roses arranged with Baby’s Breath flowers and Ferns, and don’t forget to pair it with a cake to make the day even sweeter.

English Shrub Roses

English Shrub Roses are a type of English rose but with a shrubby growth that makes it look like a cross between a rose and marigold. They look so beautiful, very at par with the traditional roses, but a bit different in appearance. They make a very unique gift if you want to give someone roses but not quite. They come in many different colours so you have a lot of different choices there as well.


Succulents are another great choice for father’s day gifts. They come in many different styles, and slightly different shades of green and yellow, with pink and red tinges. Some varieties of succulents, even flowers which look absolutely out of this world are amazing. The best part is that succulents do not demand a lot of care, so your dad can easily place them in their office and not worry about them dying. They are a great reminder of the undying love you have for your father.

Money plant/tree

Money plants are associated with bringing money, luck, and prosperity. They make an absolutely perfect gift for father’s day. There are so many different types of money plants and trees, with slightly different-looking leaves etc. they are also easy to maintain and grow quickly. They will surely make a great addition to your dad’s office as a reminder of your love that grows every day.

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So, have you decided on which flowers you want to give to your dad this father’s day? Wondering where to get a cake too along with the flowers to double the joy? Fret not for we have got you covered. Hop on to our website to browse and order through our wide variety of flowers, cakes and personalized gifts for your loved ones.

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