What Are the Best Sympathy Flowers?

Death is cruel. Either of someone extremely precious to you like immediate family or someone you adored like a friend or close one. Or worse, it is of someone that meant the world for you. It’s hard, how we are suddenly supposed to live without them. For moral support, we would recommend you stay with them for a few days to reduce their loneliness and help them with house chores.  We know, there is nothing we can gift or say to the mourner that will make them feel better. But we must still give something, right? Flowers are the safest choice. This article is the answer to “what are the best sympathy flowers?”

Pink Roses

Roses are the all-rounders. They can never go wrong which is exactly why they first came to our mind when we talk about what are the best sympathy flowers. Pink is a wise choice for flowers for sympathy, comfort, or grief, as it represents gentleness and sympathy. Another sympathy flower is a white rose, they are used to symbolize remembrance. Other than that, yellow roses, famous for representing friendship, can also be given to the mourner to show your support. It will give the message “I’ll always be by your side”.


You do not have to worry about the color of the chrysanthemum when giving it to someone with who you sympathize since they are universally known to symbolize grief. In fact, in many European countries, like Italy, Australia, Belgium, and France, and a few Asian countries, like Korea, Japan, and China, they are only used for graves and funerals. Death is the only reason why people buy chrysanthemums in those countries. Therefore, when someone asks you, what are the best sympathy flowers, chrysanthemum is the safest answer.


For someone who loves flowers, this may not be new. However, for people with just basic knowledge of flowers, it comes as a surprise that lilies are most attached to death. It all began from the moment lilies got the meaning of “the soul of the deceased returning to peace” attached to it. Lilies are the safest of all flowers to be given to the griever, as they represent peace, innocence, and sympathy, all at the same time. Even though any kind of lily would work but stargazer lilies are used to represent sympathy the most out of other kinds of lilies.


These gorgeous fluffy flowers with their ruffled petals are famous sympathy flowers for so many reasons. First comes the unique and long-lasting fragrance that will stay with the sorrower for a long time, silently comforting them. Second, comes their stunning beauty that will lighten their mood a little bit. Last but not the least, their meaning, white carnations express sympathy along with innocence and purity. Pink carnations symbolize remembrance, almost every carnation somehow signifies grief and sympathy. Do you still need more reasons to decide carnations as the best sympathy flowers?


Out of all the sympathy flowers we mentioned above, orchids are the saddest as they express eternal love for the deceased spouse. Giving orchids to someone who just lost a loved one gives them the message of everlasting love. If you choose orchids, go for white orchids that are used as a symbol for chastity and sincerity besides sympathy. Another choice can be pink orchids that mean admiration and sincerity. Our heart aches for people who must go through this heart-clenching pain of someone’s forever farewell, hope these flowers help lessen your pain a bit.

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