2020 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends have always been changing making the next wedding in your relatives or house mire exciting. But something about this year has made all of us go out of the route and pick things that might be considered taboo if done in previous years. Here is the list of 2020 wedding trends that had all of us appreciate the lockdown.

Weddings at Home

The biggest change in the history of wedding trends is weddings at home, which would not be possible without the lockdown. Everything was closed, salons and malls, there was no way people could prepare for the wedding, even the banquets were closed causing lots of marriages getting canceled or postponed. But soon people realized nothing is going to open anytime soon, so everyone was forced to get married inside their home causing the marriage to get done at a minimal cost.

Near to Zero Show-Off

This one is my most favorite in this list of 2020 wedding trends. These indoor weddings during lockdown opened gated for everyone to finally get married the Islamic way without worrying about society. These weddings take fewer efforts, money, show-off, headache, burden on parents, and of course, less bad eyes and mouths.

Only Close Relatives

Due to corona, lockdown, and less space in the house as compared to banquets, everyone invited just the close relatives which gave the 90’s feels. A house full of close relatives, kids running here and there, the delicious smell of food lingering in the air mixed with the sweet fragrance of flowers and perfume, and everyone sharing the chorus. Ah what a great way to get married, surrounded with just the people who truly and dearly love you and are not there with the thought ‘I came for food’. What is the point of inviting people whose kids do not even know your name, if asked they will be like the groom is my father’s maternal side cousin’s son whom I never met?

Early Pack Up

Even after the lockdown was lifted and banquets were reopened, the timings were kept short, forcing people to come on time and leave early. In this way, people were able to sleep and wake up on time for school or work.

Mother’s Wedding Dress

In early 2020, most of the brides wore their mother’s wedding dress with a bit of alter and modern touch. A great way to recycle something so precious.

Artificial Flowers

Getting artificial dyed flowers instead of real flowers got into trend out of nowhere, both in west and east. It is good in so many ways, it costs less money and tends to last longer than fresh flowers, you do not even have to care about buying and keeping them fresh. Also, they are less messy as they are made of paper, and stepping on paper does not leak juices or color.

You can get fresh flowers delivered to you by ordering them through cakes and gift delivery services. They offer same-day delivery, early morning, and midnight deliveries.

Rent A Cloth

This is mandatory to mention in this list of 2020 wedding trends. Because people were unable to go out and buy new clothes, they reached out to rent clothes for a day which got popular like fire in the forest. This encouraged needy people to rent out their clothes or rent cloth for events. Generally, trends are costly and are hard for some people to follow but these 2020 wedding trends broke the stereotype for good.

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