7 Subtle Ways to Hint at Valentine’s Day Flowers

Are you one of those people who want something to be done a particular way but would not say it or want a gift but would not ask for it because they are shy or maybe reluctant? Even if this type of person wants something badly, they would not ask for it openly. It is okay if you are. It is not like you want to play hard to get or confuse them, it is just that you may not want to burden them with your wishes. It is because you are so considerate. Good news for you, today’s topic is only and only for you if you want your partner to give you flowers on this Valentine’s Day. By the end of this article, you will know 7 subtle ways to hint at Valentine’s Day flowers.

Talk Loudly

When your partner is near you or in a range where he or she can hear you clearly, pretend like you are on a call with someone. Start talking to them about flowers and how you saw some unknown couple exchange flowers and their reaction made you so happy. Just anything that will hit your partner just in the right place.

Social Media

We live in a digitally operated era, every aspect of our daily life is surrounded by computation, so why not use it to yield maximum possible benefits for ourselves. Post a few of your type of flower pictures online either on your story or feed. Or you can just open a few flower pictures and leave the tab open. Just act like you were going through aesthetic flower pictures or floral gifts for a serotonin boost. Pinterest is the best option for this.

Start Talking

Simply just start talking about flowers, not directly but indirectly. Start a conversation

  • Where you both exchange random things that make you happy.
  • Or things that just recently started exciting you.

However, do not do this when Valentine’s Day is so near. Remember to keep the conversation so natural and try not to focus too much on flowers. In our opinion, this is the best way out of all the 7 subtle ways to hint at Valentine’s Day flowers.

Can’t Stop Staring

When you and your partner are on a day out and you both walk past a floral shop or anything that contains flowers, act like you cannot take your eyes off flowers. Do not make it too obvious, just look at them longer than you usually look at something. And when you feel like your partner noticed, just act as nothing happened. If they ask, shrug it off with “nothing they are just so pretty”.

Simply Ask

This is our favorite pick from this list of 7 subtle ways to hint at Valentine’s Day flowers. Because it is so natural and pure. Without any filters or beating around the bush just ask for it. This will unknowingly strengthen your bond. Both of you will feel much lighter and freer around each other.

Buy Flowers

Another subtle way to hint at Valentine’s Day flowers is to just buy flowers on your way home. Place them neatly in a vase or anywhere near you. This will not only give your partner a hint but also will keep reminding him till they are thrown away.

Wear Floral

If you own a floral dress or a shirt that is just rotting in your closet, take it out and wear it. Repeat it till your partner notices. If they ask, casually tell them you are just into flowers nowadays.

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