Do We Care More About Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

Whether you have seen it in movie or dramas or read it in novels or witnessed it in real life, it has always been a dramatic topic; who do you love more, your mother or your partner? Even though it is entertaining to watch, believe us, it is horrible to be in this situation. Unfortunately, for years this clash has been happening with no sign of an end in near future. Based on a few statistics and arguments, today we are going to discuss do we care more about valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

Google Searches – Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

According to a statistics survey taken place in 2014, for 10 years, the Google searches on the word “flowers” were more popular around Mother’s Day than on Valentine’s Day.

Market Statistics – Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

Many physical or online shops have noticed the drastic difference between the sales of gifts and flowers during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Approximately, 30% more people shop gifts and flowers on Valentine’s Day than on Mother’s Day. However, this concludes nothing taking into consideration the fact that people prefer gifting every person they love on Valentine’s Day be it their spouse, parents, friends, or siblings.

Morally – Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

When we add “moral” in this discussion on do we care more about valentine’s day or Mother’s Day, people may think that morally it is right to love your mother more than your partner. If you are one of them, get your head straight! Because this is wrong!

There is no comparison between your love for both. Things start taking wild turns just when you or your partner or your mother, starts comparing both. You should understand that both, your mother and your partner, have a significant place in your heart and none of that place is higher or lower. Both are as important as the other one. However, this is not only about understanding, but you should also show, with your actions, that you love both of them equally.

Valentine’s Day Is for Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and admiration. It is not just for girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, spouses, or people you have romantic feelings for. It is also for parents, siblings, friends, or people that you love, that you admire. It is the day when everyone should take time out of their busy lives and express their love for the people they care about. And that does not only include your lover. To conclude all the facts, statements, and arguments mentioned above, Valentine’s Day is for everyone!

In this discussion of do we care more about Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, there is another point that we would like to bring to light is, even Mother’s Day is for everyone. It is not just about your mother. It is also about the mothers who lost their child, children who are grieving the loss of their mother, the unfortunate people who never really got to see their parents, people who are in a hard parent-child relationship, or people you never got to become parents. So, this Mother’s Day, promise yourself to spend time with the people mentioned above. If you do not have one on your list, then go out to orphanages and spread love and positivity.

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