8 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Eid

Spending Eid with your family, praising Allah (SWT) and recreating the Prophet’s Teaching, is the most essential method to make it unforgettable for the children. You are following the example of the Messenger and his pious followers by embracing Eid. Enjoying Eid al-Fitr is a great way to establish family and community bonds while nurturing your child’s Muslim identity. Why not make Eid the wonderful celebration that it is this year? Here are a few Eid activities you can do with your family to break up the monotony.

We have come up with a collection of some Eid-related ideas:

Prepare ahead of time:

Set up a family gathering a week ahead of time to plan what you’ll do on the Eid date. Talk about ideas with the entire family. Rather than throwing the entire workload on a single person, divide the chores.

Adorn the Home:

To feel the essence of the special holiday that Eid is, decorate it with your family according to the trends of 2022. Add flowers like carnations, roses or hyacinths in vases and place them as a centrepiece on the table. Engage the younger family members and ask them to blow balloons. Make “Eid Mubarak” colourful signs with them and hang them around the household.

Honour family traditions:

Refresh your childhood memories by incorporating old family traditions into your plans. It could be as simple as writing and decorating Eid cards for the children and relatives.

Make delicious food:

It’s Eid, which means a grand spread on the dinner table. For the variety of foods, you have to start preparing ahead of time. What you can do is freeze some of the items beforehand. So you don’t have to rush on that particular day. Bake a cake as a sweet dish for people who come by for a meet and greet. Make small candy bags for children too

Arrange a gift exchange with your family

Put the list down the names of each member of the family and have them pull it out. Whoever chooses a person’s name must buy or manufacture a personalized gift or present for that person.

Welcome new Muslims

Seek for all those who are alone during the Eid prayers and invite them over to your house.

Several Muslims stand-alone around the Eid prayer location. They seem to be either new Muslims or new immigrants who have no family or friends. Give them a hug and a warm welcome. If at all possible, welcome them to dinner at your place. Also, help them out in finding community centres that are hosting Eid celebrations.

Eat as a family at a Restaurant:

Eid is the most wonderful time of the year. And it gets more joyous when everyone gathers around. Isn’t it the perfect time to plan a trip to the restaurant? There is something truly joyous about eating together outside as a family. You get to see and experience a lot.

Send food to neighbours and the friends:

Make a simple dessert, cake or a savoury dish on Eid and send it over to your friends and neighbours. Write a handwritten note wishing them a happy Eid.


We have shared different ideas for the celebration of Eid, which one did you find creative and thoughtful? If you plan on decorating your house or sending flowers and cards to friends and family, head over to our website for some amazing deals we are offering specifically for this event.

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