Order wedding flowers online

Planning flowers for your wedding is hard work! And getting them delivered to your doorstep on time is also not the easiest of tasks. You are getting married, working on your dress design, your venue, jewellery and don’t forget the makeup. Do you think it is possible for you THE BRIDE to actually go out roam around the streets looking for local florist shops that have trendy flowers available?! What you will, unfortunately, get instead of a florist, is a Tan or face all covered with dust!

Whereas the entire process of selecting your wedding flowers and buying them online is time-saving and less stressful, as there is no need to roam around the city to find a florist.

You can choose a florist shop online from hundreds of options available. To buy customized flowers, visit their website, and within seconds, you will have a spread of flower varieties open in front of you. Choose something according to your wedding theme. Get it customized and boom! It’s done.

For a bride, along with the glittering attire she wears, the next thing which will make her the centre of attention is a beautiful flower bouquet. So, the flowers you choose should make a difference with their fragrance and beauty.

Below listed are some bouquets you can order online according to your wedding theme:

A rose decor

A bouquet of good old red roses is the first thing that strikes your mind when you think about a romantic gift. Even if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, nothing can be more enchanting than decorating your house with roses.

A pretty pastel theme

A pretty pastel theme for your spring wedding? Hell yes, go for it. Spring is a perfect season to get inspired by while selecting a theme for your wedding. Seasonal Flowers like blue hyacinths, peonies, cream and sweetheart roses and freesias are the true symbolism of the spring season and would make a trendy seasonal decor.

A boho venue

Looking for a flower that is everyone’s all-time favourite? Order the timeless peony bouquets now! A perfect combination of softness and texture, this flower leaves people in awe when it is spread around as decor at weddings. Peonies symbolize prosperity and good luck, what better way to commence a lifetime journey. Customise classic peonies with equally romantic roses to create something magical for your wedding.

White floral themed wedding

Whatever your wedding style might be, vintage, modern, classic or tropical, you can get the most stunning white wedding decors with lovely hydrangea floral arrangements. You get to choose from a variety of white roses, dahlias, peonies and Chrysanthemums. Considering your chosen white coloured flowers are in accordance with the theme, your wedding venue will end up looking like a fairy tale.

A vintage themed wedding

Incorporating vintage aesthetics into your wedding would be a great idea! You have so many classic decades to take inspiration from. Whatever decade you choose for your wedding theme, make sure it resonates with the architecture of the venue. What comes next is the choice of flowers for the vintage wedding decor. That truly is a hard task. A delicate spread of freshly picked wild blooms such as sweetpeas, mountain daisies, cosmos, zinnias, baby’s breath, black-eyed Susans or bachelor buttons with antique furniture accompanying the florals will bring life to the space. Whatever your decade theme is, our professionals are here to help you figure out the best flowers to match the vibe of the theme.

Rainbow themed wedding

Can’t decide on a single coloured flower? No problem in incorporating all the colours. A vibrant pink, purple, orange, and yellow bouquet would make a perfect rainbow wedding theme. If you’re after capturing that carefree vibe, consider a bouquet of daisies, snapdragons, or mums for inspiration. The rainbow of colours will definitely showcase a whimsical aesthetic.

The easiest way to make guests at your wedding go WOW is by incorporating the unique colour theme of your wedding in flowers.  That’s your part to do. How can we as florists help you at your wedding?! Well, by customising the blooms according to your preference and getting them freshly delivered at your doorstep before time. What are you waiting for, go order trendy wedding flowers from our website, get ideas from professional florists for the theme.

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