A guide to the best birthday flowers for your mom

Birthdays allow you to turn the spotlight to someone who has all her life made sure that everyone around her stays in the limelight. Yes, we are talking about mothers. Is your mother’s birthday about to happen? Tell her on this birthday that she matters the most and showcase your appreciation through vibrant flowers.

Which flowers do you think your mother would love? Roses or orchids? Seems like we have to help you get the nicest flowers for her! Don’t worry, we have got you all covered.

Read on for the best birthday flower bouquets you can present to her paired with personalised gifts!


Tulips are the quintessential spring flower, and no matter what colour or kind of tulip you choose, they’ll make your mother happy! The tulip flower belongs in your mother’s bouquet if she is lighthearted and easygoing. On her birthday, show your eternal love to your mother with tulips that scream eternal love, abundance, monarchy, and charity.


The carnation started the culture of giving flowers as gifts. The carnation is the most popular and demanded flower to present a gift and has a range of meanings. Carnation is the most important flower to give your mom on her day. This is because it is believed that they initially bloomed where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell, making them a metaphor for a mother’s unconditional love. Carnations are also one of the longest-lasting flowers, ensuring that your gift lasts for a long time, so it always reminds your mom of your love for her.


Roses are a classic, making them an excellent present for the traditional mother. Not sure which hue to choose? A lighter crimson or deep pink colour symbolizes gratitude and admiration. Because white roses are linked with purity and brightness, they may also be appropriate. Roses are the perfect flower to convey your affection for mom on her special day.


Lilies are expressive flowers that are large, attractive, and bring much joy into the home. These magnificent flowers will show your mother how much you appreciate and adore her. An arrangement of pink oriental lilies will represent your undying love and gratitude for her.


If you have a fashionable mother, no flowers can be a better choice than orchids. Orchids are perfect for women who enjoy new styles and bright colours If you’re still undecided on the colour go with pink, which symbolizes elegance, poise, and femininity. Orchids have the advantage of lasting a long time. The orchid will continue to bloom for weeks, if not months, following your mommy’s birthday.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies are ideal for giving as gifts, with the most popular red and pink varieties. Pink gerberas show adoration and thanks, while red gerberas represent love. These flowers can convey joy to everybody who sees them, so including them in your mother’s arrangement will be sure to please her.

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