8 Best Flowers to Decorate Your House on Eid

The season of appetizing food, delectable cakes, personalized gifts, dressing up, and adorning our homes is just rolling in! And with that comes the need for flowers. This is mainly because the most exotic and alluring personalized gifting and home décor comprise floral decorations.

Therefore, from choosing the right flower for the right place to creating captivating looks in your house, you’ve got to choose wisely.

Read below to check out the 8 best flowers to decorate your house on this auspicious occasion:


Orchids are one of the most stylish flowers which along with their mesmerizing fragrance can instantly level up your home décor. Their placement in a glass vase on a centre table can add a stunning look to your living room. The right colour as per your house’s theme would be an excellent choice to fill your space with pure elegance.


No doubt, roses are among the most gorgeous flowers in the world and are widely used for any sort of decorations, at any kind of celebration. The unique combination of creamy hues with their thorny stems and the inviting scent is a symbol of perfection! A bunch of fresh roses can also be used as a personalized gift or can be paired up with a cake for a complete gifting solution.


Lilies can be used for personalized gifting just as roses as well as décor elements around your kitchen. Its long-lasting subtle scent has the power to cut off other odours in its surrounding. It would be the best choice to add grace to your kitchen counter. Not sure which colour to go for? The most loved colour white can simply complement all kinds of colour themes.


Jasmine is yet another pretty flower with plenty of beauty, grace, and splendid scent. The charming pink or white blooms are among the most fragrant flowers you’ll find anywhere around. Jasmine just perfectly complements roses for gifting and décor purposes.


Ixora has its flowers in cluster form which seem to glow. It has orange, red, and yellow flowers that shine with its leathery foliage. The vibrant look of these clustered flowers will be an amazing treat for the guest’s eyes on Eid.

Rieger Begonia

Rieger Begonia is an attention-grabbing plant with rose-like blooms all set to give your home a cheerful look. Its vibrant coloured flower clusters of yellow, red, and arrange paired with a tidy mound of glossy green foliage is a gorgeous and classy choice to make your home look lively and refreshed on this spiritual occasion.


Carnation flower, on its own, can be the most suitable choice for personalised Eid decor. Use your old crockery on Eid this time. Put carnation flowers of different colors in the old glasses or cups and use them as centre vases. They will add a vintage touch to the corner.  Teacup vases look beautiful when placed on window sills. With a variety of colours ranging from pinkish-purple to yellow and white, available online and in stores, enjoy creating thoughtful arrangements.


Tulips serve to be the most iconic flower for decorations that can instantly brighten up your space. Their blissful décor look will pour in a positive aura along with streaming mental peace. They will definitely steal the look of your house!

To get your hands on the freshest bunches of the above-mentioned flowers, head on to our website, grab your favorites and take your home décor game to a whole new level!


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