All about Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are the drought-resistant plants in which leaves stem or roots have become fleshy by developing water-storing tissues. Due to water storage, succulent plants are more swollen and fleshy in appearance than regular plants. This character is known as succulence.

Succulents Help to Live Healthier

Succulent plants store water in their different parts such as stems and leaves. These plants are known for growing indoors because of the many advantages they have. Here are some benefits of growing succulents inside a house:

1. They Brighten Home:

These flowers are very popular for their ability to grow in any climate conditions. They can thrive at room temperature as well, and this is why people like to keep inside homes too. These plants add green to your surroundings and make your living area lovely round the year. They splash your house with a lovely color.

2. They Purify the Air:

Researchers suggest that succulents in a room can remove volatile organic compounds from that environ. Plants release water vapor, which then produces a pumping action that helps in pulling down the contaminated air towards their roots. Succulent transforms these pulled down contaminates into plant food, thus, purifying the air for inhabitants.

3. Succulent Improves the Humidity of Homes:

These plants are best known for their amazing activity of releasing water and enhancing the humidity level around you. The right amount of the moisture in air removes many health problems like the common cold, dry and itchy skin, and sore throat, etc. They also produce oxygen, and the best thing is they do not release carbon dioxide at night which keeps the air fresh and breathable.

4. Succulent Increase Pain Tolerance:

This might sound a bit or too much outrageous thing to say about this plant, but it is true that they help to curb your pain and works best in hospitals. So, they are an amazing gift to send to someone who is ill and needs some fresh start to recover.

Types of Succulent Plants:

1. Adromischus Cristatus:

This plant is also known as the crinkle-leaf plant or some people call it Key Lime Pie. The leaves of this plant are triangle-shaped that are covered in tiny hair. You can grow this plant easily.

2. Aeonium (Kiwi):

This plant is also known as “Kiwi.” This magnificent Succulent has beautiful green and yellow rosettes with pink around the edges. This plant can also be grown indoors. This plant is perfectly a great gift for endless love.

3. Aeonium (Sunburst):

Sunburst is a branching variegated succulent plant. It has white and green leaves with beautiful pink edges. These pink edges change into the red in the sun. this plant is monocarpic that means after it flowers, the main plant will die. this plant can be grown indoors.

4. Black Tree Aeonium:

This is tall, dark red and green succulent turns almost black when grown in full sun. This plant provides an excellent contrast to lighter colored succulents in décor arrangements. this plant is not suited to grow indoors

5. Aloe Black Beauty:

This succulent plant has dark leaves that can turn a deep purple. Their leaves are bumpy and stiff. This plant propagates easily and grows well spring season these plants flourish with magnificent with white coral colored flowers.

Succulent Plants as a Gift

Do you know that a succulent plant could be a great gift for your loved ones? It not only looks good but it is good for the environment as well.

This time when you choose a gift for your loved ones, choose a succulent plant and let them enjoy its long term environmental benefits.

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