All About SunFlower

Flowers have their way of communication, they are intrinsic and can express and deliver emotions where the words alone cannot. Even in this tech-savvy era, flowers still commemorate life’s key moments.

If you want to uplift someone’s gloomy day or just want to cherish them, what can be the best flower other than “the happy flower- SunFlower”. Sunflowers can easily bring a sweet smile to anyone’s face, hence making them the perfect gift to bring joy and delight in someone’s or even one’s own life.

Let’s delve into the article to find something interesting about the bright petaled and sunny charmed, Sunflower.

The Etymology and Meaning

The scientific name of sunflowers is “Helianthus”, which comes from Greek “Helios“ “Sun” and “Anthos” “Flower”. The name is derived from their tendency to turn to face the sun. They belong to the family Asteraceae. The sunflowers reflect the attributes of their namesake, the sun, providing nourishment and vibrancy to the environment. They exhibit the trait known as heliotropism, that is, they move towards the sun throughout the day,  slowly and gradually.


The sunflower symbolizes Adoration, Loyalty and Longevity. These traits stem from its namesake, the Sun, which provide life to the planet Earth in the form of light and heat.

This bright coloured bloom can bring about happiness into anyone’s life in a dull moment.

They are being used for ages in different ceremonies and therefore considered a favoured gift among different cultures. Sunflower spiritually symbolizes faith and is worshipped among various cultures. Its image as a religious symbol had been found in some native societies in history as well.

The Colours of Sunflower

The spirit-lifting sunflowers are found in a wide variety. You can find large as well as smaller ones. These blooming bright petals can be found in many colours other than yellow. The sunflower variety comes in a variety of colours as such:

  • Yellow Sunflowers– the bright dazzling miniature suns; our most favourite traditional ones.
  • Red Sunflowers– they can be found in bright to deep tones, symbolizing energy, vitality and passion.
  • Orange Sunflowers– the vibrant pollinator and hummingbird attractors, representing high spirits, fertility and good fortune.
  • Blue Sunflowers-one of its kind and rare to be found, symbolizing truth, intellect and wisdom.
  • Black Sunflowers– they are very rarely found and are the product of cross-pollination of thousands of years. They reflect mystery, perfection and secrecy.
  • Purple Sunflowers– purple has always been associated with royalty and mystical beliefs, so purple sunflowers represent glory, wealth and splendour.
  • White Sunflowers– they represent peace, serenity and purity.
  • Pink Sunflowers– the soft pink hue depicts innocence, health and unconditional love.

Final verdict:

Sunflowers depict prosperity and bring hope and happiness to life. If you want to brighten up someone’s day or need an uplift to your damping spirits, visit our website and find a wide variety of these blooming flowers ready to be in someone’s arm or a beautiful vase. You can select any variety of flowers to be presented along with your favourite cake for that special moment to be celebrated.

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