Colour therapy that makes you happy

Ever felt really excited and happy when receiving red roses? What about when you go out in nature, all that green around you and sky blue above you with hints of white in the clouds on a cold morning? Felt calmer? Do you not get what I am talking about?

Well, let me explain.

Colour therapy is a thing, you can feel all kinds of emotions by using this therapy especially the happy ones like the feeling of love or calm or happiness. And this all stuff is not just a ranting of a one-person having nothing else to do but in fact this is a psychological truth backed up by research and lots of literature.

Did you know that your favourite brand and many apparel outlets are using this therapy? In more precise terms, whether it is the packaging of gifts, the background in an ad, the wall colour in the apparel shop or the colours used in a logo, these are just a few examples where the colour psychology is being used to either capture the attention of the customers or increasing sales.

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Can a flower be responsible for changes in emotions?

Let’s talk.

Top 3 Happy Flowers that can put a smile on your face

Any set of flowers arranged in a beautiful colour combination will look gorgeous. But some of them, no doubt, really stand out. Let’s see which flowers are the happiest ones.

Red Roses

Let’s start with the colour of love and passion. Do you remember seeing a red valentine day cake? Yes, red frosting and red balloons all bring out the happy emotion of love.

Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or the day you propose to the one you love are some of the few happy moments any person enjoys in their lives. And every one of these moments require the Red Roses as an essential because this is what these flowers and colour are for.

Orange Ranunculus

A Ranunculus flower is a perfect sunset vibe. You can combine these with absolutely any other flower or even let it be like it is and still feel the gloomy days lighting up especially in the winters.

Yellow Chrysanthemums

Yellow is one of the happy colours out there. Just like a bright shining sun, this colour brings out the power of confidence and clarity that you need daily. As this flower represents optimism and joy so giving it to your friends who have started a new chapter in their lives will definitely feel better and happy to receive along with, maybe, a cake to celebrate and congratulate.

The Final Ruling

Go and get these happy colours in any form and just smile. Hang them on the wall or place them on a table. You may go and pluck out fresh flowers, but let me tell you how to save time and energy right below:

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