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The tradition of celebrating anniversaries is popular all over the world. It is an exciting time because couples have the chance to celebrate the commitment and journey that they’ve gone through together.

While there are a lot of gifts to pick and choose from, like cakes and personalised gifts, flowers are still the most sentimental gifts that you can give to your significant other.

However, if you’re tired of getting the same red roses every year, then a good way to switch it up, would be to get anniversary flowers according to the year of marriage that you are celebrating

Here is a list of the perfect kind of flowers for every milestone:

First Anniversary: Carnation

The first anniversary for any couple is the biggest milestone! Celebrate your first year of married life with a bouquet of carnations. These flowers are not just a symbol of love, but they also represent fascination, and uniqueness, just like your love!

Since carnations come in a variety of colours, it is important to choose carefully because every colour represents a different expression.

For example, red carnations represent feelings of love and affection. On the other hand, light carnations represent admiration.

Second Anniversary: Cosmos

A bouquet of cosmos represents the love of a blooming marriage; which is the perfect type of flower to celebrate your second anniversary with. The bright colour of the flowers, paired with their sweet smell makes them a symbol of peace and tranquillity, as well as harmony and order.

Since we automatically associate the colour red with love, pick the red cosmos to symbolise love for your significant other.

Third Anniversary: Sunflowers

Passionate, strong and happy under sunshine, the sunflower perfectly captures the characters of a three-year marriage with your sunshine! Similar to how sturdy the stem of a sunflower is, a couple in their third year of marriage has just started building a sturdy foundation.

Go ahead and celebrate your third anniversary, with much brighter days to come with sunflowers.

Fourth Anniversary: Geranium

Geranium represents the harmonious coming together of two individuals in mind, body and spirit.

Show your soulmate how much you adore your marriage by picking either red or pink geraniums. Both flowers represent romance and passion. A perfect way to celebrate three years of marriage.

Fifth Anniversary: Daisy

If you’re surprising your spouse with flowers for your fifth anniversary, choose daisies. This is because daisies are a symbol of undying love and fidelity. Which matches the vows that you take before marriage.

While white is the traditional colour of daisies, you can go for blue or pink daisies as well.

Tenth Anniversary: Daffodil

You have officially reached the first decade of being together with the person you love! Daffodils represent resilience as well as renewal since these flowers are known to regrow every spring.

They can be a strong symbol for your marriage. These flowers celebrate the resilience of your marriage, as well as the happy times to come.

Picking different flowers for every year of your marriage is a nice way to surprise your spouse. Instead of sticking to the same red roses, go for variety so that there’s never a dull anniversary. If you’re looking to order and receive your flowers the same day, then visit our website!

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