How to decorate your houses with flowers this Ramadan?

Ramadan offers a chance for spiritual reflection and is considered a celebration of faith by the Muslims. The spirit of Ramazan embodies positivity, peace, and tranquillity. Creating a peaceful and serene environment in our households allows us to reflect, contemplate and make the most of this blessed month. We spend most of our time indoors, so it is important to bring joy, freshness, and colours to our homes to create a space that embodies joy, peace, and love. There is no better way to feel connected to nature and bring freshness to the environment than flowers. Flowers are nature’s diffusers and brighten up any space. Also, flowers are a great way to decorate your houses for occasions like suhoor, iftar, tarawih, etc. You can place flowers in a vase, arrange them on your dinner table, or any other piece of furniture as they increase the aesthetic of your home. Flowers are the ultimate staple of beauty, serenity and peace and you need to incorporate them in your décor this Ramazan.

Following are some tips which you can use to decorate your homes with flowers this Ramazan.

Decorate your dinner table

You can use fresh or faux flowers in vases, silk pieces, wicker baskets or any other centrepiece for your iftar and suhoor meals. You can also use dried flower petals or potpourri to enhance the aesthetic of your dinner table or simply place flowers as a centrepiece. The colours and freshness of the flowers will make you appreciate your blessings and allow you to connect with nature. A dining table is a perfect place for a posy. A round to square table looks ethereal when styled with centrepieces and longer tables can be accentuated with multiple vases.

Use them as natural scent diffusers

You can place fresh flowers like roses, jasmine, lilies, tulips, or marigolds in different rooms to incorporate freshness into your home. The natural scent of the flowers will uplift your mood and add colour to your house.

Decorate your prayer area

Many people gather in groups to offer tarawih and do zikr in Ramazan. Decorate your hosting and prayer area with colourful flowers. The addition of flowers to your prayer area will not only increase the aesthetic of your home but also have a calming effect on everyone in your prayer group allowing them to marvel in the blessings of the Almighty.

Decorate your room

A bouquet or a couple of petals on your bedside is the best way to accentuate your bedside table. Your room is the first place you find yourself in the morning and the last place at night, so creating colourful and satisfying surroundings is vital for a good mood. Placing flowers in your bedroom will have a calming and peaceful effect on your brain allowing you to keep a good mood throughout your fast.

So, have you decided on which of these tips to follow for decorating your home with flowers this Ramazan? Head over to our website and order flowers in mint and ready condition to make your house warm and colourful this Ramazan.

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