Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversaries are huge milestones. Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary, or 10th, it is important to mark the special occasion with a gift that is worth remembering.

While a bouquet of roses tied together with a ribbon is the perfect gift, it can get a bit repetitive as the years pass by.

In such cases, we’re here to give you ideas on some unique gifts that you can give to your significant other on another milestone of your relationship:

Picture Frame

If you’re marking the first year of togetherness with your significant other, then you probably want to make it special and unique. Ditch the cake and flowers and opt for a picture frame instead.

A picture frame is the perfect present to reminisce over some of the happiest moments that you’ve experienced with your significant other. It also shows them how much you value their presence in your life; which is the perfect message to send across after a year of togetherness!

Add the touch of a personalised gift by creating a collage of your favourite moments and frame it.

Teddy Bear

Traditionally, the second anniversary is referred to as the ‘cotton anniversary’. This is because cotton is used to symbolise the strength of your relationship with your significant other.

To pay homage to this tradition, couples usually exchange gifts made out of cotton. Thankfully, cotton is an incredibly versatile material, so there are plenty of gifts to choose from.

If your significant other prefers plush toys, then a teddy bear is the perfect anniversary gift to go for. There are many businesses offering teddy bears with a customised message, to make the present even more special.


By the third year, your relationship is blooming with possibilities and new memories. To celebrate the third year of your relationship, gift your significant other with something more special than just a simple bouquet of roses.

Tones of blue and green are usually associated with deep compassion and vulnerability. Get your florist to create a bouquet of blue flowers including Asters, blue poppy, hydrangea and forget-me-nots to give to your significant other.

Alternatively, you may even get a bag of seeds of the aforementioned flowers to plant together in your home. The growing plant will be a constant reminder of your growing love for eachother.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a piece of jewellery with a special stone. If you’re looking for something permanent that your significant other can keep and cherish forever, look for jewellers that can create and design a personalised piece of jewellery.

Whether it’s a necklace with a simple pearl pendant to bring good luck, wealth and wisdom into your lives; or a ruby ring, to represent love, compassion and emotion. Jewellery makes for the perfect gift to mark more than 4 years of togetherness.

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