Common Myths about House Plants

If you want to add a refreshing touch to your house, plants are the first thing that comes to the mind. There are a number of house plants to choose from, and just like that, there a number of myths that are related to them. But let’s not worry about those, as we are going to help you to bust those myths!

Let’s demystify the myths and bring your house closer to nature by incorporating house plants into your beloved space!

Myth#1: “Your plants will die if you don’t water them daily!”

Fact:  There is no such thing as watering the plants daily. Yes, staying hydrated is directly proportional to health in plants; however, over watering the plants can cause more damage than good. It is the plant that tells you about when to water it. The soil also is a good indicator of that. If the leaves seem wilting and the soil in the plant pot is dry up to two inches inside, it’s time to water the plant. Most plants need watering once or twice a week.

Myth#2: “Keep all your plants out in the sunlight!”

Fact:  Just like us humans can get sunburn while being out in the sun all time, same goes with plants. Yes, sunlight is beneficial to them, but not all plants need to be kept outside in the sun. Most of the house plants need less sunlight for their survival. A good tip for keeping the plants that way is to keep your plants a little away from the window and direct sunlight; preferably put a curtain between to soften the harsh sunlight rays.

Myth#3: “Don’t keep plants if you have pets, they might eat them and get sick!”

Fact:  Common pets like cats and dogs do not eat plants. However, occasionally they might nibble a leaf or two, which is very rare to occur. But it is completely safe, as common house plants are not toxic. A leaf or two cannot make your cat/dog sick. However, do your own research while selecting plants for your house, as some plants do prove to be toxic to pets.

Myth#4: “You have plants at home? There must be a lot of insects!”

Fact:  Yes, this is true that plants attract bugs, but not as much as the myth exaggerates. A good insect killer spray will help you solve this problem. In fact, not all the plants attract insects; some plants do keep the bugs away. Such as basil, mint, marigolds, lavender, etc. So, next time someone tells you to throw away your plants in order to get rid of insects, we suggest that you get one of these plants and show them how plants can deter the insects!

Myth#5: “You need to have big pots to grow the plants”

Fact:  Yes, a bigger pot means more soil, space and water for the plant, so it will grow faster and bigger. But in reality, the roots that a plant produces are solely those that it requires to support its above-ground portion. So there is no need to buy big pots for your plants, instead go for cute looking pots that go with the theme of your house!

Now that we have busted some of the most common myths about house plants, its time for you to do your part and get yourself some nice plants from our online shop and amp up your space! Not only the plants add to the visual beauty, but also improve air quality, reduce stress, they will improve your sense of well-being!

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