Best Flowers for getting Well Soon Bouquet

When a family member, friend, or colleague is not feeling well, nothing can help in a speedy recovery like a beautiful fresh flower bouquet of getting well soon. When someone special is ill, flowers are always a perfect get-well gift that can put people in a good spirit which encourages a speedy recovery.

Instead of collecting different flowers together that are attractive to the eye, choose a floral preparation that is as significant as it is beautiful.  Tailor your get well soon message according to your relationship with the patient.

The following are some flower types that will help you while choosing a flower for such a situation.

White Roses:

The pure color of white roses conveys respect, and pays homage to the patient and expresses hope for their better health future. Speaking historically, white roses symbolize purity and innocence, and this is why it is associated with weddings and bridal bouquets. The white rose has now reserved its associations with pure love and official ceremony as well as get well soon.

White Lily:

They have large flowers that dangle from slim stalks. White lilies give an impression of absolute and diplomatic tranquillity. Stargazer lilies are the flowers that tilt toward the sky. The whiteness of these flowers symbolizes purity since biblical times. Even in this modern era, it is associated with chastity and the Virgin Mary. The three petals of these flowers represent the act of hope, charity, and faith. They usually last up to two weeks in a vase, perhaps maybe a little longer if well-cared. It will bring peace and beauty to the recipient’s life.


Daisies are bright and cheery. They make an ideal choice of flowers when you are sending a get-well-soon message to a person you care for. Send this floral gift with a group of pure white daisies, or you can brighten her life with colors by selecting some colorful daisies.


The peony is a spring-time flower. It looks beautiful on a hospital bedside table, adding some beauty to space with luxurious and full flowers. These flowers represent the process of healing by effectively sending the message to the recipient that you want him/her to get back on the road to health.

Avoid sending fragrant flowers such as lilies, freesia, or lilacs as a getting well gift, especially to a person who is ill and not injured. Instead, choose different iris arrangements, daffodils, and sunflowers. These flowers are bright, cheery, and light on the scent, which makes them great pick-me-ups for loved ones no matter what their symptoms may be.

For loved ones going over a long retrieval, potted flowers or plants are both comfortable and lasting gifts, definite to create a warm, relaxed environment for weeks or months to come.

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