Best Flowers to Say Congratulations

Has someone close to you graduated recently? Or maybe someone you know got promoted? Either way, you’ve probably spent hours looking for the perfect gift. A gift to communicate your heartfelt congratulations to them.

While personalised gifts and cakes are nice, nothing quite sends a without saying much at all as flowers do. A well-crafted and thought-out bouquet can communicate congratulatory messages of joy and best wishes for the future.

If you want to tell someone how truly happy their achievement has made you, here is a list of flowers to put together a bouquet that says it all.


Most people associate roses with romantic feelings. However, keeping these beautiful flowers confined to that association is unfair.

The colour versatility of roses is what makes them the perfect flowers for almost any event.

Yellow, white and orange roses particularly are mostly gifted to someone who has just been promoted or someone who has started a new job. They send a message of supportive friendship, making them perfect for gifting to acquaintances.


If you know someone who has just graduated, or someone who has passed an important exam, the best way to congratulate them on this achievement is by sending them an arrangement of elegant orange lilies.

Since recent graduates are embarking on a new step in life, it is important to wish them confidence – and there is no better way to do that than by sending a fresh bouquet of orange lilies their way.

Orange lilies are symbols of confidence, passion and above all: happiness in life. These are all the wishes that a graduation gift should communicate.


With their bright yellow colour, Daffodils seem like the perfect flowers to communicate happiness and cheerfulness.

But, you might find it shocking to know that this isn’t the only reason why Daffodils are gifted as a way of saying congratulations. Instead, Daffodils are one of the few flowers that tend to grow higher than other flowers during springtime.

This is the reason why they are used to symbolise eagerness and hard work.

If you know someone who has started a new job, someone who has just given birth, or someone who is a recent graduate, send a bouquet of Daffodils their way to say congratulations.


You might have read about daisies – often mentioned in children’s poems or stories, they have somewhat become tied to the playful innocence that children possess.

This is what makes them the perfect flowers to send to a new mother.

They aren’t just a good way to send cheerful vibes, but sending a bouquet of multi-coloured daisies can lift someone’s mood up – especially that of a mother who has just endured a painful few hours to bring new life into this world.

Tell them you appreciate their decision and send them (and the baby) well wishes with a bouquet of daisies.


You might have noticed a bouquet of orchids in a new home. In fact, while any flower bouquet brings colour to a new home, Orchids are still the most popular choice when gifting someone a home-warming present.

Unlike other flowers, Orchids can be potted, and with proper care, they can grow into brand new plants. This is what makes them the perfect flowers to congratulate someone who has gotten a new apartment.

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