Celebration of life-same day funeral flowers

People who die, they never really leave us. They are found in our memories, pictures and the little gestures of loved ones. The pain of losing someone is something which never goes away, one can however embrace it by finding ways to celebrate their life instead of mourning for their death always.

All of us have lost someone to life, if you are also someone who is looking for ways to cherish and celebrate the memories of the loved ones then keep reading further. We have collected some wholesome ideas which can be used to honor and cherish the life of the lost ones.

Below mentioned are some of the ideas to focus on the positive aspect of the life and celebrate them:

Gift the flowers

Flowers are uniquely suitable whether it is an occasion of grief or celebration so indeed it is the perfect way to celebrate both the things at the same time. One can get the favorite flowers of the deceased one and distribute them among his or her friends. It is the perfect way to make others smile by the memory of their loved one.

Collect photos and gift frames

Pictures are proof of the happy times. In order to keep the lost one forever alive there is no better way than keeping their pictures close. One can collect the pictures and get them framed in their favorite color frame set. Another way can be to make a hanging or a collage board of the pictures.

Do a plantation drive

Giving out nature in order to honor the lost is the perfect way to maintain the balance. One can also plant their favorite fruit or flower so that they can always be remembered .One can also attach a chit of special memory with each plant they are planting so that they can cherish a life which was well lived.

Plan a lantern or balloon release

Lighting up the sky or adding colors in order to remember someone is an idea which can never go wrong. One can attach the memory to it or might attach something they want forgiveness for from the deceased ones. One can hope that the balloon and lantern are indeed a way to reach out to them as nothing else than a profoundly beautiful sky can hold such beautiful souls.

Use music to celebrate

Music has a special way to communicate our uncommunicable thoughts. It has a way to heal our hearts and soothe them in times of difficulty. The soothing sounds and the meaningful lyrics is one fabulous way to remember someone. You can also do the karaoke night of the favorite songs of the loved one to memorialize their life.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate the life of the loved ones then head over to our website and find the perfect flowers for your dear ones who have left this world too early. A hand written note on the side with a flower bouquet for their parents, siblings or children would be really appreciated.

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