Best Potted House Plants for Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to housewarming gifts, potted plants take the crown without giving it a single thought. Not only do they add to the greenery of the house, but they also fill the place with an irreplaceable aura of freshness that is hard to replicate otherwise.

Even though potted plants save you from the effort of choosing from the list of so many fantastic housewarming gifts out there, choosing itself between the available variety of plants can be a daunting task.

Here is a list of our favorite potted plants that are going to brighten up your friend’s living space!

Peace Lily

The secret about Peace Lily lies within the name itself! As you might have guessed, it is one gorgeous-looking plant that will make everything in its surroundings look adorable. The best thing about it? It is not a demanding plant either, so it won’t even matter if you forget to water it in 24 hours.

The lust and extensive foliage are another of its strong selling points. In addition to making the environment green, its beautiful flowers work as an air purifier, allowing you to breathe clean air.

Bonsai Tree

There is no potted plant that looks more aesthetic than a carefully curated Bonsai Tree. Its value grows with age; the older it gets, the pricier it becomes and, likewise, more aesthetic too, exactly like how a housewarming gift should be.

They might require frequent attention, but the results are totally worth putting in the effort. The Bonsai Tree is a symbol of happiness, peace, and good luck in some cultures, such as the Japanese, making it one of the best-potted plants to give as a housewarming gift.


If your friend has a keen eye for beauty, the Orchid plant should be your top priority housewarming gift for them! With their colorful appearance, Orchids are a treat to look at, and that is what makes them a perfect plant to keep at the home entrance.

Better yet, they are reasonably long-lasting and do not require any extensive care as well.

Snake Plant

Do not let the name of this potted plant divert you from its list of excellent characteristics! Snake plant is regarded as one of the best indoor plants that are exceptionally good at purifying the air.

It may lose some points on the beauty scale but makes up well when priorities are a healthy lifestyle without spending much time on its care.


Want a combo of appearance with fragrance? Look no further than Jasmine. If taken care of well, the emerald-green leaves of Jasmine combined with pinkish-white fragrant flowers are an absolute treat to have in a living room.

Just like its appearance, Jasmine symbolizes love, beauty, and sensuality. All the more reasons to give Jasmine as a housewarming gift to someone you hold dear in your life.

So, have you decided on which one of these potted plants to buy as a housewarming gift for your friend? Head over to our website and order one in mint and ready condition to make their house a better place to live in.

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