Monsoon wedding floral arrangement ideas

Monsoon weddings can be a jovial affair, and quite challenging at the same time. Do you want to make your Monsoon wedding a fuss-free affair? Read below our guide for making your monsoon wedding a successful event. Out of so many other arrangement ideas, if you are choosing a natural flower arrangement, we are afraid you might be risking your entire function. Instead, artificial flowers are your golden ticket to having an aesthetically pleasing monsoon-proof decor. Artificial flowers are versatile and good things; they won’t cost you a fortune. They are reusable and definitely last for a lifetime.

Scroll along and check out our monsoon wedding guide.

Walkway decor

You look at wedding pictures and find yourself blown away by the walkway decor, yeah the romantic vibe of the event? Though walkway decor is not a standalone solution to make your wedding day pop, it’s an integral part of the wedding decor without which the venue would give a dull look.  Oh, your wedding is in the monsoon season but it can’t stop you from getting your desired decorations done. With fairy lights and artificial flower installments, the event planners can give it a natural and romantic sort of vibe, perfect for a night wedding.

Umbrella floral decor

A monsoon wedding can be a little chaotic marrying beneath the rain clouds. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun with different themes and ideas keeping in mind the weather. Umbrellas on monsoon weddings can be the event saver. Beautiful floral umbrellas hanging around the venue are an amusing way to capture the essence of the monsoon wedding.

  • A white translucent umbrella decoration with light will give a magical look to the wedding venue.
  • Incorporate Artificial pink and white blooms with umbrellas providing an elegant look to the ceiling.
  • How about huge aesthetically pleasing umbrellas covering the guest tables. This one is a perfect idea: you won’t have to give umbrellas to every individual if the weather gives a warning.

Ask your event designer to put umbrellas upside down when hanging on the ceiling for a more dramatic and sensational look.

Play with the flower shades

Play around with the flower color for your monsoon wedding. Set a classic example by using hues of blue and green. Blue represents water and green represents mother earth. So these two colors are the perfect combination with silk ribbons creating a texturally vibrant background.

Tip: make sure your floral arrangement is either artificial or not exposed to the sky.

Head and guest tables decor

For couples hosting their wedding during the monsoon months, there is nothing better than spending their precious money on the head table and other guest tables floral decoration. Off-white, blush, blue, and lush green tones can highlight the season’s natural features. Moreover, Bold blooms and branches hanging down the table exude a mesmerizing rich vibe.

Typically the head table is the prime spot of your wedding venue so fill up the table with dried flowers creating a chic and minimal look.

Tips for your monsoon wedding

  • Always have a plan B like an indoor alternative or a lounge for the guests.
  • Keep yourself updated with weather conditions
  • Don’t pick a venue that is located in an area prone to waterlogging. Check all the details and research before confirming.
  • Decide your food menu according to the weather. Ensure the food served is hot. The smart way to avoid fuss is to have live counters of some desserts and savory food.
  • Set big umbrellas over the guest tables giving a beachy look yet saving the guests from being soaked.
  • Power outage backups are the most important elements since electricity can be unpredictable during rainy days.

So would you consider artificial flowers for your monsoon wedding or dried flowers? Let our guides help you decide. Click the link below and book your slot before wedding decorations go unavailable.

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