Birth Flower of the Month-December

Every month is associated with a specific flower or group of flowers that denote specific meanings. The flower symbolism is good to understand especially if you want to present them to your loved ones. This article will reflect on the birth flower of the month of December for your enlightenment. So, let’s get started.

Narcissus and Holly:

Narcissus and Holly are the flowers of the month of December and they denote several meanings. Let’s discuss these flowers in detail.

Narcissus is a Latin word and this flower is commonly referred to as Paperwhite. It belongs to the Amaryllis family and has around 40 different species and thousands of varieties. This flower represents the following meanings:

  • Hope
  • Good wishes
  • Wealth
  • New beginnings, etc

This flower can be presented to anyone who is either born in December or you want to wish him/her good luck for new beginnings in life. Many cultures use this flower in decorations to celebrate their joy and happiness. In ancient Greek mythology; narcissus was used to represent renewal or new life.

Holly flower belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family and there are over 560 different species of this flowering plant. It symbolizes meanings like:

  • Protection
  • Domestic happiness
  • Hope and good wishes

This flower is ideal to give to someone who is going through marital issues or who has lost a child and is struggling to maintain goodness in his/her home. So, why not order some beautiful holly flowers from a local delivery service and make a day for your loved one who is born in December or is longing for domestic happiness?

Uses of Narcissus and Holly Flowers:

Narcissus has several uses, for instance:

  • Medicinal uses: This flower has been used for centuries to cure many illnesses including cancer. Hippocrates recommended it to be used for uterine tumors because of its biological properties. There are many biological properties associated with this flower; for instance, it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor, antimalarial, antiplatelet, plant growth inhibitor, antifertility, etc.
  • Commercial uses: It is also used in commercial products, like in perfumes; narcissus is an essential ingredient. It is also a source of cut flowers and horticultural crops.
  • Therapeutic uses: It is also used as drug therapy to cure illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. These flowering plants produce galantamine which helps to fight this illness.

The essence of the holly flower is used to cure many psychological illnesses and conditions. For instance:

  • To overcome feelings of aggression: People who are going through problems of extreme anger and are prone to lose their temper can use this flower’s essence to be calm in their lives. This flower soothes the mind and helps to maintain a balanced emotional state.
  • To fight envy and jealousy: Anyone who is envious or has low self-esteem can greatly benefit from this flower’s essence. It eases people to have envious feelings and they start looking at their lives with gratitude.
  • To minimize negative thinking patterns: If you know anyone who is going through a tough time in life and has disrupted his/her mental health; send a gift of holly flower fragrance. It will help to minimize negative thinking patterns and will ease him/her from anxiety and depression.

Why not order a narcissus and holly flowers bouquet and present them to someone who is born in December?

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