Celebrating Eid This Season

Eid is a special event for Muslims that comes twice a year. One Eid is referred to as Eid-ul-Fitr and the other one is referred to as Eid-ul-Adha. One both the events, Muslims start their day by praying the Eid prayer and listening to the sermon of Eid.

The event of Eid has cultural as well as religious values for Muslims. Muslims from all over the world celebrate and enjoy this festive season with hearty meals and gifts for friends and family.

There are many cultural and religious aspects that people generally follow while celebrating Eid. Some of them are briefly mentioned below:

Eid Sermon and Prayer

Muslims start their Eid day by listening to the sermon and afterwards praying the Eid prayer. This is mostly done in huge gatherings so that more and more people can easily join and offer the prayer.

Greeting Each Other

After the Muslims have offered the Eid prayer, they say greetings to each other and pay their respect by saying ‘Eid Mubarak’. In the process of saying greetings to each other, people shake hands and hugging is also seen as a common practice.

Wearing Best Clothes

It is advised the Muslims to take a bath and wear new or their best clothes on Eid day before offering the prayer. The use of ‘Attar’ or perfume is also recommended as every Muslim should be in his or her best possible attire.

Muslims spend a lot of time shopping for apparel and other accessories before Eid for the special occasion and also donate new clothes for those who cannot afford to buy new things on Eid.

Gifts For Friends and Family

Various types of gifts are often shared between friends and family members. Children are mostly presented with gifts in the form of money referred to as ‘Eidi’. This ‘Eidi’ is very much liked by children and they impatiently wait for the relatives to come and hand them over with a lot of gifts and Eidi.

Have you decided on what you are going to give to your loved ones this Eid? A flower bouquet with a handwritten note or a personalized gift? How about both paired together with a nice ribbon?

Personalized Necklace:

A sparkly necklace can make a perfect gift for all your girl cousins, right? Give the necklace a special with each girl’s initials written on it. This is the gift they will remember for years.

Customised Water Bottle:

With summers around the corner, a convenient water bottle is what anyone prefers. Why not help your male cousins stay hydrated this summer with a customised bottle.

Flowers with cake:

Make this Eid sweeter by baking a cake or getting it made from a bakery, giving it together with flowers wherever you go. Gestures like this only make relationships with your dearest ones stronger.

Hearty Feast to Celebrate The Fast Breaking Festival

The tables and the hearts are widened on the events of Eid as people celebrate the Eid with wholesome and hearty meals to serve their relatives and other family members. Women mostly get busy with the business in the kitchen and try to create flavorful dishes for everyone.

The most important dish at the event of Eid is a sweet dish which is loved and liked by most of the family.

How is Eid celebrated in your country? Does it differ from the one described above? Share your experience with us of celebrating Eid this season and tell us about the thing you like the most about Eid. And don’t forget to send presents to anyone around you. Be it a flower or gift. Why not check our website for amazing eid deals? We make sure to deliver timely with our early morning and midnight services.

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