Flowers that pair well with roses

Want to rock a rose bouquet? Pair it with fresh flowers. Even though there are countless ways to jazz up rose bouquets, flowers take the crown.

Is it your friend’s birthday or a colleague’s promotion party? Is someone around you going through hard times? A symbol of love, roses can make their day. With so many varieties of roses and other flowers available, you can show your creativity and give your bouquet an ultimate touch of customisation.

Not sure which flower will go perfectly with roses? We have found the most appropriate matches for your rosy bouquet.


Hydrangeas evoke gratitude and heartfelt emotions. They are colourful and grow throughout summer. It is such a great gift for mothers day to showcase your utmost appreciation for the queen of your life.

Anise-hyssop (Agastache)

These flowers are tall, spiky blossoms that contrast pleasantly with the rose’s cup shape. Apart from blue, hyssop comes in different colours, so there’s bound to be one that matches your roses. It belongs to the Lamiaceae (mint) family which is known as the mint family. And is two to four feet tall and may smell like liquorice.

Although roses are enough on their own as well hyssop will complement their beauty a little more.


The appealing purple or violet flowers have a unique spire structure which works well with cup-shaped roses. Yes, we are talking about lavender flowers. Their delicate smell evokes a calming effect and freshness.

Bonus point: they don’t need much focus and are easy to care for. So what are you waiting for? Book lavender flowers and roses now for your loved ones. Roses and lavenders can be the perfect pair that people will admire because of their elegant beauty.

Nepta (catmint):

Catmint (nepta) just like lavender looks very nice with roses. It will give your roses bouquet a soft touch of a blue backdrop. This flower belongs to the mint family and has a minty- sage scent. Even a minor touch against the flowers can release their smell.

It has an irresistible charm. Here is an interesting fact “ It got its name because some people say that cats are attracted to its fragrance”.


Want to showcase your love and true admiration for someone. Carnation and roses paired together will convey your feelings real quick. Is it your anniversary or Valentine’s day? Presenting this vibrant arrangement would bring a huge smile to your better half’s face.

Daisy :

Brighten up someone’s day with daisies. They symbolise new beginnings so it is a perfect gift for anyone who is starting a new life like getting a new job or shifting to a new house. Arranged with roses? Chef’s kiss.

Now that you have got plenty of options to choose from, take a step further and choose a shop you are going to order them from. Why waste another hour exploring an authentic online shop when you can hire us. We take customisation orders from our clients for gifts, cakes and flower bouquets. Our priority is our customers so we make sure to deliver timely.

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