Color Therapy Flowers That Make You Happy

Feeling down or heavy? Going through tough times due to work pressure or academic goals? Having a hard time moving on from a great loss or heartbreak or any event that left a huge impact on your mind? Everyone has different things that help them calm down, release stress, relax, or even make them happy. For some, it is a hobby, sports, exercise and for some, it’s as simple as being exposed to specific colors, flowers, or scents. In this article, you will find a list of color therapy flowers that make you happy.

Yellow Chrysanthemums

The cheering yellow color is famous as it attracts the human mind in a way that no color can compete with it. It gives a feeling of calm and happiness. For therapy, it is considered to promote confidence, courage, and strength to accept the challenges of life ahead. Chrysanthemums in yellow color look so adorable and can be found easily by any local flower shop or any of the online delivery service. You can get these delivered to you in no time if you order them through cakes and gift delivery services. They offer same-day delivery, early morning, and midnight deliveries. If you want to go for something different then you can search for chrysanthemums in different colors according to your desire. If you want to have some warmer tone of chrysanthemums you can couple it with orange color as it is known as wisdom, joy, and optimism which is quite like yellow color. By now you might have understood why I placed yellow chrysanthemums at the top in this list of color therapy flowers that make you happy.


Just like chrysanthemums, daisies are also found very appealing and are widely witnessed to be the center of attraction. As it also has yellow color in it, it compliments almost every occasion and event.

Purple Anemones

The full of inspiration, energy, and positive vibes – purple color is something that nobody can decline for being beautiful in its way. The anemones in purple color tend to have the energy to motivate a person and to bring positive vibes. So, whenever you feel down, do not forget to place purple anemones in your surroundings to attract success.

Pink Tulips

The pink color is widely considered as a sign of kindness, beauty, sympathy, and affection. In a few areas, it is also used to reduce the impact of violence as it relates to calm the situation. To have pink flowers go for tulips in pink as they have the elegance of the next level. Other options are roses and chrysanthemums.

Red Roses

The red color is referred to as love and passion. To create a romantic look in your room, go for red roses as it is one of the ever-green flowers which are found easily in every flower shop. If you do not want a typical red and romantic look then you can mix the flowers with any other neutral color. For color therapy, red color is widely used as a symbol of confidence, strength, and energy. However, roses of all colors have a great impact on everyone’s emotions that is why this flower is mandatory to mention in this list of color therapy flowers that make you happy.

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