Congratulation Flowers

Nothing says “Congratulations!” better than a freshly cut bouquet of flowers. Be it wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation, housewarming, career promotion, well wishes, or practically any occasion that involves celebrations and spreading cheer, beautiful fresh flowers always say it the best. They always make a great personalized gift.

There are so many different kinds and varieties of flowers to choose from when you want to gift flowers to someone. It’s always great to keep in mind what occasion it is, the personal likes of the person you are getting them and for. Another thing to keep in mind when getting fresh flower bouquets is the vase life of freshly cut flowers. Always go for varieties that stay fresh longer, so they can be a lovely reminder of you for as long as the flowers stay fresh.

Even though any and all types of flowers can be given as gifts to spread the cheer and joy of any occasion, there are some flowers that are especially a great choice when you want to congratulate someone. In this article, we will talk about a few popular choices of congratulations flowers.


Roses are always a top choice when it comes to congratulating people with flowers. The so many different colors, varieties, and slight differences in bloom sizes make it the most versatile flower for this reason and more. The many different colors of roses signify different occasions. Red roses generally show romantic gestures, while yellow and orange roses are mostly given as a celebration of success, friendship, housewarming and the likes. White roses make great gifts for weddings and engagements.


Daffodils are another popular choice to use as congratulation flowers. The bright yellow color signifies joy and cheer like no other. Daffodils are commonly included in bouquets along with other flowers. They are popularly given on the occasions of baby showers, new jobs, and career promotions.


Orchids have the most unique of blooms, and the many different species of it all widely differ from each other. The purple orchids are especially very popular to add in flower bouquets and arrangements. The long stems and unique blooms go well with all sorts of flower combinations.


Carnations are another versatile flower type. The unique frilly blooms look absolutely gorgeous in any bouquet, and the many different colors mean you can never run out of choices, and to top it all, carnation flowers are very easy to dye, and are frequently, so you can even give someone a rainbow of carnations too.


Lilies are beautiful flowers to include in any mixed bouquet of flowers. They come in many different colors. The pinks and purples are the most common to include in any bouquet to add to its beauty. A combination of yellow and orange lilies is mostly popular to congratulate someone on their career promotion, success, and graduation.


Tulips are another popular choice of flowers to say congratulations with. The elegant blooms of Tulips signify happiness, cheer and joy. They are available in a huge variety of different colors. They can be added to any combination of flowers in a bouquet and look great on their own in a bouquet too.

So have you decided on which of these congratulatory flowers will you be giving to your friends, family, and colleagues? A freshly cut bouquet of flowers always makes a great gift. Wondering where to get customised gifts, cakes and flowers for your loved ones? Fret not for we have got you covered. Hop on to our website to browse through our wide selection, and order away.

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