All Things Related to Flowers

You’ll probably relate to this: when someone achieves something big, you give them a flower bouquet. When someone passes away, you leave flowers by their grave as a symbol of remembrance. When it’s valentine’s day, you see everyone carrying bouquets of red roses. This is all because flowers do what most cakes or personalized gifts do not: they say a lot without saying anything at all.

But, flowers are more than just decorative pieces with colorful petals that are pleasing to the eye, they have plenty of other uses too, like:


In ancient times, flowers weren’t actually used as they are now. Instead of using them only as decorative pieces for bouquets, people made use of the herbal and medicinal properties of flowers to cure many diseases.

For example: gargling with honeysuckle water was thought to cure sore throats or conditions that cause inflammation of the throat. For stomach issues and digestive problems, plum flowers were thought to be the best cure.

Even today, people use flowers like lavender to produce essential oils, which have proven to treat conditions like anxiety.


A present becomes more thoughtful when it is hand-crafted. Next time someone you know has a birthday coming up, or even a special occasion like their wedding anniversary, give them a hand-crafted present made of flowers.

There are plenty of ways to give flowers as a present that don’t involve getting a bouquet. Pick out a few wildflowers, or purchase some from a shop and use them to craft a flower crown. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to craft a basket made entirely out of flowers.

Making crafty items out of dried flowers is another trend that is becoming increasingly popular. People preserve dried flowers and turn them into resin art to preserve their symbolism and importance.

Decorative Purposes

Have an empty shelf in your home that you’re unsure about how to fill? Potted flowers are the way to go if you want to decorate empty spaces in your house with vibrant colors.

But be careful, not every flower is made to be kept indoors. In fact, most require constant sunshine or they go droopy.

Here are a few examples of flowers that can be kept indoors:

  • Geranium
  • Peace Lilies
  • Jasmine
  • African Violet

There are plenty of other indoor flowers, so it is best to ask an experienced gardener for more options.


This may come as a shock to most people but bees and flowers don’t always make the perfect pair. Infact, some people keep flowers for the sole purpose of having a natural insecticide in their garden. This use is so common that industries often include flowers to create some of the most powerful insecticides.

For example, the chrysanthemum flower is used to manufacture pytherins; which is known to kill mosquitoes, roaches and even flies.

Other flowers like Citronella can simply be placed in your garden to instantly get rid of most common insects.

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