First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The first anniversary is one of the special days of life of a married couple after their wedding. This day represents love, respect, emotion and promise to be with your love of life. You can make it traditional or fancy; it’s up to you and the preference of your partner.

Here are some gift ideas that you can give to your significant one to appreciate the time you have spent together in the first year of your married life.

Bouquets or Baskets:

Red roses represent true and unconditional love to your wife/husband. Their delicate fragrance expresses your emotions to your spouse efficiently. A beautiful bouquet or basket of roses is a perfect gift without any competition. Express your love with these delicacies and make your day more special.

Cakes and Chocolates:

Present the right gift to your loved one is a talent itself. Cakes and chocolates are every person’s favorite, but women adore these specifically. There is no anniversary without cakes and chocolates. Present a beautiful gift to your spouse, who compliments his/her personality and appreciate her love and the one-year pious relationship of you two.


Fragrances are the vine of beautiful relations. Whenever you are in love, you start loving scents. The bond of love and fragrance goes side by side. You can glorify your spouse on the exclusive first wedding anniversary by presenting mild sweet scents with respect and lots of love.

Delicate Hand Watches:

Time is a precious gift for your love. Tale as old as time! You can present a vintage or branded watch set to your spouse that shows you’re all the time is for her/him. Where-ever you are, whatever you are doing you will always remind of her/him and maintain a particular time for your partner.

Crystal Carved Bridal Vase:

Women are obsessed with flowers and crystals utensils. You can cherish your wife by presenting clear crystal vase engraved with your personalized love massage with her favorite flowers. This soft fresh spray of her favorite flowers dramatically expresses your feeling. This is an ideal way to represent how much you love her. Even she read that message she always appreciates your love and praises how important she is to you and how much she loves you.

Love Knotted Necklace:

Love is infinite and beautiful itself, but presenting a gift with your intense emotions makes it more appealing. Love knotted necklaces are an outstanding explanation of the new love knots, popularly like in all nations in the world. It is a sophisticated way to rejoice a first special wedding anniversary and forever relationship.

Letters Love: Expression of Your Own Words:

What could be a more sincere effort than a personalized handwritten note from your loved one? No materialistic gift in this world can ever express your heart entirely in front of the person you love but your love letter. It has an eternal power to show what is hidden in your heart for your spouse. Even if you can’t afford anything fancy or expensive, a love letter written by you is enough to show how much you love your soulmate.

Gold Accessories:

Gold plated accessories have become of the most popular gifts on the first wedding anniversary. A woman loves to experiment with her accessories. You can give her a pair of ruby studded earrings or necklace set. These are not only beautiful but elegant and simple as well.

Love is a pious feeling which grows when you care. By celebrating these crucial days and making those unique to your loved one makes it stronger. Always care for your loved one and be happy forever.

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