Florists & Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular events all over the world. Whether you live with your mother or live far apart, presenting her with a gift and acknowledging her love and life-long efforts is her right.

People love flowers, especially women. Nothing can show your love for your mother more significantly than fresh flowers. But do you think presenting a bunch of random flowers would be more expressing or a delicately designed bouquet?

Well, both are important but a well-set bouquet leaves long-lasting effects. Many people understand this and get bouquets for their mother on this special occasion.

Mother’s Day holiday is the most important sales-focused holiday in the Gift and floral industry with sales higher than all other holidays. If you are a full-time florist and Mother’s Day event is less than a month away, it is a good time to make a full sales strategic checklist.

Flower Marketing:

Mother’s Day flower marketing is an important step of pre-planning and prepaid order bookings. If you think starting marketing this early is not effective, you need to think again. Marketing is super effective at every stage as some customers are very prepared for this event and want to order unique. Yes, there are some are last minutes shoppers, be prepared for them as well. You can update your floral website and attract the customers by offering them early-bird incentives.

Pre-Planned Flowers & Supplies:

If you are a full-time florist make sure to pre-order sample flowers and supplies for the upcoming Mother’s Day.  You can order different types of Flowers, blooms because Mother’s Day Celebrations are all about cute. A florist can have unique containers and vases, blooming plants, Succulents and air plants, unique blooms, and fragrance flowers. Grab and Go arrangement should also be placed with some add-on gifts like cards, candles chocolates, and Soap/Bath products and so on.

Knowledge of New Flowers:

You have to be updated about new flowers in the market. Make a list of flowers with price tags that you don’t have usually at the shop, and also gave knowledge about them to your staff so they can offer effective well-informed sales to customers.

Hire Trained Staff:

You have to hire trained staff who knows how to run the business and do a great job. Make sure scheduling and reviewing employee’s activities in work hours.  If the staff is new, trained them before the event and be sure that everything goes smoothly on the week of Mother’s Day.

Prettify Your Flower Shop/Stall:

A professional florist always makes his flower shop look pretty as Visual appearance drawn customers towards Purchasing. Make sure that the flower shop is elegantly decorated to appeal to your customer’s senses. You can display and have a fascinating front window that represents Mother’s Day present.

After a hectic schedule, you will surely have to plan a treat for your employees as without them this work will never be possible and pay a little gratitude to them. A simple flower bouquet is enough to present on Mother’s Day but by little effort, you can make it special to them as well.


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