Flower Of the Month-September

To this date, we, and all our gift receivers, loved the idea and meaning behind a bouquet made of their birth flower. The irony, how the same bouquet was just a bouquet before this thought. If you have a family member, relative, or a friend that is born in September or if you are creative enough to plan out a garden in a month-wise manner, or simply someone who loves flowers then this article is for you. In this article, Flower of the month-September, you will get maximum knowledge of asters.


Meaning — Powerful Love

Aster is a Latin word that means “Star”. The petal of this flower looks like a star, which is why it is named after this Latin word. Asters are mostly symbolized for love, but other meanings include faith, wisdom, royalty, good luck, innocence, elegance, purity, and courage. This small flower conveys deep affection and a meaningful message “Take care of yourself for me”.

In the Victorian era, asters used to symbolize daintiness and patience.

Meaning By Colors

Asters, the flower of the month-September, bloom in a variety of colors like purple, white, blue, mauve, red, pink, and lavender. The popular meanings include:

  • White asters represent innocence.
  • Purple asters represent nobility.
  • Red asters represent devotion.
  • Pink asters represent sensitivity.
  • Blue asters represent faith.
  • Yellow asters represent positive energy.


Asters are used in many ways as a cure, food, and others. Some of the uses include:

  • Asters are used to produce dyes for fabric.
  • Asters can be eaten raw (or dried) in salads, soups, and dressing dishes.
  • Asters are also used in brewing tea.
  • Taking in the steam of asters can cure sinus pain and congestion.
  • Asters are used as antispasmodic, especially for lungs.
  • Asters are also great anti-asthmatic and sedative.
  • Asters also treat fever, pain, diarrhea, headache, venereal diseases, and many skin conditions.


According to a very popular ancient myth, asters were made when the Greek goddess, Astraea, the goddess of innocence and justice, was deeply hurt by the gigantic number of sins happening in the world resulting in fewer stars in the sky. She was crying and her tears fell on stardust which then turned into asters. This is why it is also used to symbolize patience. And thus, they get named after her.

According to old wives’ tales, the flower of the month-September, asters are burnt so that their odor will ward off the evil power, the serpent.

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